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About things like we need to get. We need to make decision decisions. Let's all get on zoom and switch. We need to make this decision. Let's all get in dock. We need to know each other better. Let's let's go. We trust building exercise. We need to like learn a little bit more about each other. Now let's get on zoom. That's actually very remote before this. We were not not this level like we we had. We had three offices in about ten percent of the team spread all over the world and of course now we're are much more so i think we've had ten percent of the company move since we started. Whoa like to other places. My co founder. Now lives in a big ranch in idaho. My like everybody kind of so. They're never coming back on. No they're not coming back because this is this is. Where do you think happens to san francisco. You've been awhile right. Yeah i've been here for almost twenty years on and off the i would say i'm of the i the set of people you know saying that goodbyes on twitter. I think there are pretty small minority. I think i think. San francisco's getting continue to be a very special place. When we started my first companies in trotta. I was living in boston. It was started out. I went to mit. And we were starting it out of school. And i still remember the vinod funded the company but i'll khosla one of his requirements in the term sheet. Was you have to move from boston. Silicon valley you gotta be within fifty miles of his of santo road. It forget this was in the term sheets. There was the turkey and his case. It wasn't fifty miles. We literally moved into you. Know the space. Forty seven fifty sandhill. Where's dave a little office right underneath it. We office right. He's.

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