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This safe, cute Little Neighborhood, and, uh, this is where it happened. In Washington, D. C. A 27 year old woman went for an evening jog. She was steps away from her apartment when a stranger attacked her. Just feel his hand over my mouth and his other hand in between my legs. She fought back and I went to swing at him. She couldn't have known. The real fight was just beginning. I'm Amy, Britain, and I'm an investigative reporter for The Washington Post. For the past three years, I've been following what happened in the aftermath of a sexual assault. If she had not, you know, come forward the way she did. I probably would be dis rolling alone like I was before and it's completely changed my life. An unusual public warning connects to women, and it leads to a devastating allegation about a powerful man in DC's criminal justice system, he said. Very quiet. I've been fantasizing about you. He Damaged another human being for a lifetime. You don't get to just say, oh, my bad and everybody move on. That's not how justice works. This is Canary. The Washington Post investigates. It's a seven part series about two women separated by decades and united by their refusal to stay silent. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I Heart radio app number.

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