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I think we start today tonight now with the once and for all was done McNab overrated or underrated and this is clear as day to me as as the sun sets outside Donovan was an underrated player here with the Philadelphia Eagles and I don't know if this happened just in the moment if we've done over the last ten years but my goodness listening all day look at reaction on social media it's like the lack of respect this guy gets as the most accomplished decade long quarterback in eagles history is it's astonishing it's astonishing we forget what the eagles franchise was when Donovan in an anti got here we forget how they left its stability was not part of the resume for the eagles and all of a sudden it was dark it was a gigantic gigantic part of that ninety two wins five trips to the NFC title game nine playoff wins you know you look up and go look at the list of quarterbacks that have more playoff wins Islamic nap and you know you're gonna find hall of Famer hall of Famer hall of Famer hall of Famer I'm back up Joe Flacco yeah but I would I would say I don't know what eighty percent of the guys that have more playoff wins a job then Donovan are in the hall of fame or probably go to the hall of fame at some point it's a pretty outstanding list and yes talk about your you get a more centrist here there are a couple runs that it ends you'll go for you don't go to five NFC title games by accident you get there by being a really good player and a quarterback that you can win with for a long time Donovan was yet it really the sad part is the relation between dollar like they have in the city was fractured from the moment from the exact moment without an exam was drafted I I remember this moment as clear as day nineteen ninety nine I missed I I've said before I miss when the NFL draft was on Saturday afternoon and of course it was a dirty thirty led by Angelo they head on up to New York City they had off to the NFL draft Tim couch goes number one the eagles on the clock at number two the debate at that time was Ricky Williams the running back the old school bruising back and Ricky was a tremendous running back but he was made the right call not only with the position but the player and here's how it sounded when the eagles selected dynamique nap they are second the Philadelphia Eagles select Donovan McNab it's a significant blow like that is that is it good for as boost go for a draft that is as good as it gets you know what but you're being Donna send up there like he wasn't accepted from from the jump and then he came in and his first full year starting playoffs second for your starting goes on a run of four straight in its title games and you would have thought that would have that it would not it would want everyone over yet here we are what we fifteen years removed from from that run and it's still close to split what's weird about that reaction obviously it was intentional it was set up but you had a lot of people are disappointed by draft picks like Daniel Johnson stuff you never you people angry about a drag race right they got differences when Dale Jones suspect a lot of people like all man we took this guy no we reached are you serious like you get a lot of upset you never get people angry at the player you never have people saying boo this guy stinks I don't want him here you get shocked Graham team takes someone that no one knows who they are right you see the guys of the mouth open in their their hands on their head you don't see all the yelling at the kids and not come here they used to happen a lot doesn't quite happen as much anymore because there's so much cover you sap a lot when the the European Bassil players are get taken the top five or ten fans like what I don't know who is this guy I've never really been processed forcing his draft in New York right so that that happens and that doesn't that's in a way understandable you don't know anything you ever watch this player you only meet maybe heard the name a couple times but this is that when they are done with the plan the big east he played at Syracuse everyone knew he was it was like it was a reach you over I don't think anyone knew the exact order in ninety nine of the quarterbacks that would be taken but you knew that Donovan was in that mix Donovan Tim couch Kelly Smith the running backs for their Edgerrin James and and Ricky Williams K. big down could you Culpepper all those guys but I mean the Vistara boo is off the charts I would like to volunteer to one five five nine two nine for a friend a promise to staff for you think it illustrates what Donovan was a dual threat so when Donovan retired he retired as one of the best dual threat quarterbacks of all time at the time of his retirement for quarterbacks in NFL history thirty thousand passing yards two hundred touchdowns through the air thirty three thousand rushing yards and twenty touchdowns on the ground the only four guys McNab Fran Tarkenton John Elway Steve young that's pretty good company let's talk to our guy we're Ralph in Overbrook park Hey Ralph what's going on here you know what you're you're right on the money man you know because it is a thing the Phillies fans you know they think they make me sick some of them with this nonsense what he needed he didn't embrace us know if you need to be embraced goes to your mother or your white out grow up you know be a man you know they don't talk about the numbers she is never about the numbers talked about their personality yes tell you what the real reason why allow you to use the why because you're calling in young males are calling it is saying that because he's a threat to their guy you know Carson Wentz and it's not affected because nobody makes him a threat cars away so now he becomes somebody that without you know because it went to the table in the rugged wasn't it you know that one guy said always you know what those lawsuits but I've been a sample stop forty seven years old losses everybody had a piece of that Andy the defense dominate all it they they they went down as the chief of all one all one person but they like to put on down because he's using it is readily available we don't like him you know look at his numbers you don't care I don't care about the personality of what downtown I could care less what Donovan does now what he says now I could care less you know it doesn't bother me but it bothers you guys you know when they call him and tomorrow I'm gonna jump on tomorrow so if you hit the same guys calling and with that silly question when the guy who had the most to do with that championship was out right now but they're going to put a check so you know why because you the Lebanese white you know it that's where the calls will go tomorrow I guarantee you that well we'll see about tomorrow and I I appreciate your phone call but I I I tend not to think like that I I don't know that that's not the way my brain goes unless someone says something offensive to me I'm not going to assume anyone's feelings like we're all look we're all here in the same city right now at least the general area talking with the same team rooting for the same thing and I imagine everyone that calls this radio station was rooting for Donna McNab was rooting tomorrow some of the a Phillies in that team all of them you don't pick one over the other you root for because of the way they look at least that's the way I choose to to live my life I don't I don't want to believe that about anyone in these kind of our way to member to sports conversation but I will say this part of it is true that I believe Donna McNab has hurt his reputation more here in Philadelphia last couple years by having opinions on the team then other players in this there's no question Donovan gets everyone so angry when he talks about Carson Wentz and and here's my perspective I thought just because I often agree with Donovan see what he's saying so you know we'll see what he sees about Carson that even that for me I don't get mad at Donovan's opinion on cars so once you know why guess what Donovan's biggest his opinion on cars so what do the work for the eagles Donovan he's not doing eagles preseason games it is not over there were you know we're in a green outfit in any go on this is juror no he's done at the plate for the eagles he's an eagles hall of fame but I'll make that now at times it's been an analyst he's been a talk show host and ESPN radio guess what guess what people are analysts and talk shows do they give their opinion so it's like I'm not gonna deny Donovan is an all time eagle because he says Carson asked to do more or they might draft another quarterback which by the way he was right about the little things your goal is like white better say the feel was gonna draft his replacement later they draft a quarterback is like around so the other was was right on that you know like what he says about Carson we if you ripped the team I like I don't know why the changes when he was a player so we what Donovan to to be different than he is and it's it's been twenty to twenty years now this is the personalities it's not warm and fuzzy I don't know what he is because he's a good quarterback I think people think it comes off as jealousy right I mean he was very reluctant to accept Carson once for awhile I think it's because people embrace Carson once more than they did dynamique nav and I know Ralph is going to be upset I use the word embrace but it's true Carson Wentz was accepted from day one as the face of the franchise one of mankind had earned that so I think for a while I don't know if it was Chelsea if you just had that taken and ran with it but people certainly perceived it that way is is Hey you know this isn't fair look what I did and this kid shows up day one is more beloved than I ever will I would love it it'll be fun Donovan a lie detector test this just to hear what he thinks about us about fans about the thirty thirty about Carson my goodness I believe most of them are the highest rated our WPS tree Donovan lie detector test with Angela but my my my I couldn't get away from the radio we.

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