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Opportunity to tackle some of the most complex mission requirements apply now it G. D. I. T. dot com slash careers D. I. T. is equal opportunity employer Thursday will bring record high temperatures for much of the west and southwest to ten to twenty degrees above average temperatures in Arizona and southern and central California on Thursday in the east with the risk of severe storms for coastal North Carolina and South into eastern South Carolina hail and damaging winds the main concern rain will spread across eastern Georgia and northern Florida and South Florida will get into some rain as well the Great Lakes will have showers and some steadier rain showers fall from Detroit to Cleveland Erie Pennsylvania to buffalo and Syracuse New York when the fifties and sixties in the northeast seventies for the Carolinas sixty five with clouds and partial sun in Atlanta expect a large supply of sunshine Thursday for cities including Minneapolis Lincoln Nebraska and southward into Oklahoma and Texas eighty four in Dallas with sunshine clouds impartial sunshine for the central and southern Rockies that's your national weather forecast Mike Ellis NBC news radio radio Sundays at eight PM on newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. and final cast on the I heart radio app and keep up with the oil and gas industry online at shale mag dot com R. L. Houston's news weather or traffic plus breaking news twenty four seven news radio seven forty KTRE everywhere the gallery furniture made in America.

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