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Radio dot com ten ten wins accu weather some rain at times early mix of what's known places though clear overnight temperatures rising toward forty by daybreak tomorrow Monday sunny to partly cloudy turning much and I should say much milder high fifty six Monday night some clouds low forty three tomorrow Tuesday mostly cloudy still mild a shower around the high fifty three Wednesday chillier occasional rain high forty four for a light rain thirty seven degrees in mid town good evening I'm Mario ball scans wins news time at the tone ten thirty good evening Monique Kobyla terror in south London involving a man with what authorities say was a fake bomb strapped to his body correspondent hottest gold reports from the scene we are in stratum high street just eight miles south of central London it's very residential is not tourist attractions out here now what we know is that just before two PM first calls started coming in about an incident happening on the main street here this is a street full of shops and restaurants now what we understand is that at least two people were stabbed by an assailant who was then subsequently shot and killed by police authorities say three people were injured and all one stabbing victim a man is hospitalized with life threatening injuries another a woman with non life threatening injuries and another person was injured during the event there with minor injuries authorities in London announced the attacker was recently released from prison where he was serving for terrorism offenses real confident that this is an isolated incident that has been contained here in New York authorities are monitoring the situation there but do not believe there are any related threats here but as always they ask new Yorkers to remain vigilant twins news time ten thirty one traffic in transit or to become a zero so far still pretty get quite on the roads at right now they should be changing soon though now the game is done so here is what we see on Long Island speak at three the ally.

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