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Time is six oh eight and it's time now for a Bloomberg. Business minute, stocks rallied with the. NASDAQ and the s&p five hundred hitting new all time. Highs the Dow Jones industrials rose one, hundred thirty three points or half a percent the NASDAQ closed. Up sixty seven points or eight tenths percent the s. and p. five hundred gained eighteen or. Six tenths percent Neela Richardson Edward Jones tells Bloomberg the economy is in good shape with no downturn insight if you look at the second quarter you see a lot. Of strength. Over four percent GDP growth that's not Ostend Nicholas II there, that was business investment, that was a pot and consumer spending, the fundamentals in the economy very strong and Richardson says corporate earnings have been solid for two quarters in a row demand for expensive manufactured products declined more than expected. Last month the, Commerce Department reports orders for durable goods fell one point seven percent in July but a component of the, durables, report the tracks business investment Posted a bigger than expected gain I'm Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg business on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty and WBZ news time is six oh nine we have sixty three degrees and clear skies. In Boston right now in remember when you're away from your. Radio you can listen to WBZ on the iheartradio app Elon Musk. Says investors, convinced him tesla should. Stay public AP correspondent Mike Rossier has the latest test. Liberal remain on the public stock markets, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk released a statement late Friday saying investors. Convinced him he should not take the company private in the statement musk said the feedback he received included institutional investors saying they have internal rules limiting how much they can sink into a private company on August seventh musk posted on Twitter that he was considering. Taking tesla. Private musk says he met with Tesla's board Thursday to tell, them he wants the, company to stay public and the board, agreed I Mike Rossio French Open officials say no catsuit for Serena Williams the international tennis tournament is. Imposing limitations. On what players can wear which is nothing new to the sport remember Wimbledon players have to wear white as, a time honored tradition Williams had planned on wearing. The suit saying, the outfit was. For moms who had a tough. Pregnancy and it represented the need to look fierce reports say Williams also. Wore the suit to, help with blood, clots something, she's faced in the. Past the tennis star has not yet responded to the. News WBZ news time. Is six ten Republican congressman Duncan Hunter defends himself publicly, against federal campaign finance abuse charges while speaking to Fox News about the allegations he and his wife misused campaign funds ABC's Linsey. Davis says hunter is blaming his wife battle congressman Duncan Hunter appearing to implicate his wife as the marine vet attempts to defend himself against Al Gatien's at. Both used a quarter of a million dollars in campaign money to pay for personal expenses what I. Went to Iraq in two thousand and three of the first time I gave her power of attorney and she had. My finances throughout my entire military career and that considered on when, I got into congress prosecutors say at. One point the lawmaker staff warned him about his wife Margaret's improper use of campaign funds but hunter lashed out accusing his staff of disloyalty hunter also defended some of the spending saying trips paid for with. Campaign funds, were for fundraising WBZ news time is six eleven and it's. Time now for sports Charlie brazier. On in the as hticket dot com sports studio good. Morning Chuck good morning Arthur, Red Sox, have dropped four of their last six games opening, a weekend series. In Tampa last night on the short end, of a ten three decision this one. Was settled early raise scored eight times in the first three innings off SOX starting pitcher Hector Velazquez and then got two more drew Pomeranz and the fourth To lead ten to at the time although the Red, Sox did have their chances I think we had thirteen hits three runs that's usually doesn't happen with us. So, we usually put more, runs in that with that many hits just. One of those games the Red, Sox Andrew Benintendi Red Sox stranded eleven runners in, Baltimore Yankees went extras beat the birds seven five and ten Red Sox leave New York by. Eight and a half games, the, Red Sox have thirty two games to go in the regular season preseason football last. Night and. Carolina Panthers, never. Trailed in. A twenty five fourteen win over the patriots the pats first team offense managing just one field goal wide receiver Julian element working his way back, from last. Season's ACL injury three catches.

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