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To be photographed as the enter or leave the country federal law requires homeland security to put into place a system to use biometrics to confirm the identity of international travelers and government officials have said they want to expand that to help identify potential terrorists and prevent the fraudulent use of travel documents facial recognition technology is already being tested by several airlines but US citizens can opt out the American civil liberties union says the government is reneging on a promise that Americans would be exempt from mandatory biometric screening and Massachusetts senator ed Markey says he'll introduce legislation to block the plan Jackie Quinn Washington opera star Placido Domingo appears to be blaming allegations of sexual harassment against him on cultural differences between countries saying that their place is now a days where one can't say anything to a woman the main goal was born in Madrid in an interview published Wednesday in a Spanish daily newspaper pointed out how the use of compliments on people's looks are allowable in places like the U. S. but they're permitted in Spain the Associated Press reported earlier this year on allegations in the U. S. by more than twenty women of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior some of them claim that rejecting his advances hurt their musical careers to mingle who seventy eight denies the allegations and while most of his U. S. dates were cancelled in the wake of the reports and investigations under way the Los Angeles opera European venues have supported Placido Domingo and he's been greeted with ovations the Carolina Panthers are in the market for a new head coach after firing long time leader rod Rivera with just four games left in the season Panthers owner David Tepper said I believe this is the best decision for the long term success of our team have a great deal of respect for Rhonda the contributions he's made to this franchise and to this community secondary coach Perry Fewell has been named interim head coach while offense of coordinator Norv Turner will transition to special assistant to the head coach and quarterbacks coach Scott Turner will serve as offensive coordinator temper will begin a search for a new coach immediately Rivera was hired in twenty eleven and is the team's winningest coach but since losing to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl fifty four seasons ago the Panthers are twenty nine thirty one AM haven't won a playoff game the team is five and seven this season a navy base shooting and the impeachment hearing I Jackie Quinn with an A. P. news minute at the capitol today Harvard law professor Noah Feldman on whether president trump should be impeached for soliciting political help from Ukraine this committee and this house could safely conclude that the president had committed bribery under the constitution but another scholar Jonathan Turley warned that there just is not enough evidence I'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence an abundance of anger now to Honolulu where an active shooter situation took place at the Pearl Harbor navy base injuries are reported former president Jimmy Carter is out of the hospital after treatment for an infection researchers say a drug use now for Parkinson's disease seems to help dementia and Alzheimer's patients to who are suffering from psychosis they're asking that new placid be approved for new uses I'm Jackie Quinn AP digital news back in a moment right now when you come in and switch to T. mobile you get the amazing iPhone eleven pro on us iPhone tennis traded aren't these mountains majestic jokes are you even looking I'm posting these amazing pics I took with my iPhone Levin pro it has three cameras whoa those picks are amazing and you have service to T. mobile their new single goes farther than ever before then you can look up whether these are bear tracks right where we can just run going.

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