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And that was politians last meal paul has a brand new cookbook out right now it's called at the southern table with paula dean i suggest picking up a copy before the holidays and bringing a lot more butter into your life things to break mirror ceo of the idaho potato commission an thanks to the wedgwood trailer for my favorite boy forgot to tell something before aminist at that ever and thanks to the wet reporter i don't know if i should say this because i don't want to get anybody in trouble but one time when he went to the wedgwood boiler and i ordered a big potato the server recognize me she's a fan of the radio show that idea and i told her how much i love the baked potato about fifteen minutes later i went to the bathroom and when i came back my halfeaten baked potato was replaced with a brand new baked potato foaming with butter and sour cream and i felt like if i just left to every fifteen minutes this potato would go on insanity it would just keep living on and i could just eat this baked potato until the day i die so i'm looking at you anonymous server who i will not name thank you for making my life better this episode was produced by aaron nascent in me with original music by prompt wayne who has a brand new album out now it's called do mob find it at promptly music dot com and we can't and the episode without being pathetic and asking you to tell us that you like as deal like me you like me you have to like me if you like erin if you like podcast just review it on itunes it actually makes a big difference uh tell your friends subscribe and thank you very much i'm.

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