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And the question is what role do these factors play when we see two people who've been through the same terrible event like a hurricane one comes out the other side okay and the other one release struggles resilience and what foster's it got the attention of the military during a time when its members were experiencing especially high levels of stress and adversity one of the findings is the military system does not have enough fiscal or personal resources to adequately support the psychological health of service i would like to find out from you what the department of defense is doing for the whole servicemember include in two thousand seven congressman dated several task force reports that highlighted the immediate need to provide better resources for america's servicemembers including care for psychological problems like depression suicide and post traumatic stress disorder a lot going on right now on the mental health side and the goal there was really to try to change the military culture to assist him that's based on resilience and strengthen readiness of the force be able to assess and treat problems early on and better support reintegration all of this came to a head during a time when the military is engaged in wars and if ghanistan in iraq are longer deployments repeated deployments and lisa says service members and families needed ways to get through it so the military developed a lot of different trainings aimed at building resilience and preventing psychological problems and then they rolled out a massive program yami want you to be totally fit both in body and mind that's why the army wants you to get involved with the comprehensive soldier fitness program in two thousand nine the army actually stood up the comprehensive soldier fitness program can't balance our military life with your other responsibilities without being emotionally stable during combat tours in two countries was off for me being able to process those emotions makes you a better soldier and a better person it is the largest intentional universal prevention program that's ever been undertaken to address psychological problems the army spent one hundred twenty five million dollars on this initiative.

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