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Isn't that the truth comes out of actually about who you are and i hear stories about this not infrequently about families where the kids were dragged to church and all the way to church. Mom and dad were horrible. He's screaming at the kids and behaving like lunatics. Then they went to church and behaved like nice people in the end up with kids. Who grew up thinking christians terrible. Why because you were terrible because their parents were terrible and they weren't what they were listening or they want living with the should have been living because the truth will come out but there's something occurring in that. There's the temptation for us to dwell on our anger about how we know people to really be. There's a temptation for us to be to be bitter about the world. Thinks about that person. And i really like and you may not want to go after them and deal with them necessarily yourself. You may not want to take vengeance. Which god is not ours anymore but maybe you hold onto the bitterness that warps you in that hurts you again. The truth will come out of the scripture tells us that god the righteous judge will deal with people will deal with these people in situations and so trust him let go of the bitterness in the range that we hold and lastly verse twenty seven this digs a pit will fall into it and he rules stone. It will come back on him. It's basically saying this. The god is sovereign and the ruin and tender for others will come back upon the person who's spoken. It's an interesting idea. Because we don't tend to think about this in terms of curses and blessings but james three nine to twelve talks. Isn't it says this it says with with we've blast talking about the tongue. We've last our lord and father and with it we curse men who've been made in the likeness of god for from the same mouth kumble laughing and cursing my brethren. These things ought not to be this way does a fountain sand out of from the same opening both fresh and bitter water and can a fig tree my brethren produce are vying produce figs nor can salt water produce fresh closing thoughts. We are to be a source of fresh water. We are to be a source of light. Folks is followers of god. If you are a christ follower of someone who believes in jesus for your salvation who seeks to follow him to know him. If you believe you call yourself a know yourself to be a christian a follower of christ your life should be a producer of that freshwater of that light so that others will see. I don't get me wrong. Some people will curse you for producing that light. Some people will hate that you produce that light. And that's okay. But that light is what's going to speak of the god that you reflect and represent that truth that wisdom and the speaking in the preaching of the gospel that we live. We'll have enormous impact in the world. Brothers and sisters..

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