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The tobin community center near the corners of parker and trim on streets boston police commissioner bill evans is frustrated about the violence and on wbz this morning he called out congress meanwhile wbz's mike macklin reports from bpd headquarters it happened near the corner of trouble it and parker streets on mission hill and exchange of gunfire at about eight last night a 20yearold then left dead two teens wounded boston police commissioner william evans noah tablet meet yet a lot of people in the congress how qua apply reciprocity law the which allow anyone who had a permit only stake what cloudy complaint on to go anywhere in the country and so it seemed like washington making it easy to get done we want bull on chris tragedy going on on a began america so we gotta allworthy got the guns up the state the shooting happened close to the tobin community center filled with young people at the time police were already there are responding to a disturbance at boston police headquarters mike macklin wbz news radio 1030 senator bernie sanders hopes president trump is paying attention to what's happening to al franken john conyers and other lawmakers dealing with sexual assault and harassment claims franken has an announcement planned for this afternoon meanwhile congressman conyers formerly the longestserving congressman has stepped aside for similar reasons sanders just spoke on cbs this morning we have a president of the united states who acknowledged on a tape widely seen all of this country but he assaulted women so i would hope that maybe the president of the united states might pay attention to what's going on and also think about resigning two more victims alleged sexual assault allegations against senator frank in one yesterday saying fr and tried to kiss her in two thousand six another claiming he inappropriately squeezed her waste as they posed for a photo in two thousand nine democratic strategist marianne marsh portability bbc's political roundtable says franken's options at this point are limited bring you have thirty of your highly tenant calling.

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