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Team high. Berg just search. T. R. A. F F. I X Chicago. I'm Laura laptop from the traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death, the WGN forecast. Here's meteorologist my camera. Nick weather tonight, to wins will be diminishing clear, cool for the season look for low of fifty three degrees. Another beauty tomorrow, mostly sunny skies warmer. High eighty degrees, but low seventies on area beaches Tuesday night, clouding over with a chance of showers and thunderstorms, late, a low of sixty two Wednesday, cloudy, breezy, scattered showers possibly a thunderstorm in the morning, then showers and storms likely in the afternoon. Wednesday's high seventy one showers end early on Thursday, windy and cooler with sunshine emerging, high of sixty seven Friday, partly sunny, breezy, high seventy nine and over the weekend. Chance of showers and storms Saturday and Sunday, seventy four on Saturday Seventy-three on Sunday. I'm Mike Cameron it from the WGN weather center, and it's seventy four eight O'Hare seventy-five at midway seventy five in Oakland sixty. On Chicago's lakefront. I'm John desalvo in the WGN newsroom. Ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Konczal right here on seven twenty WGN. This is a great. Pleasure has the great and I don't think I'm. The great Peter Carl with us for people of certain age. You'll remember Peter Carl as chief investigative reporter channel five for many, many, many years. And then he went into his own world production company, that's done a lot of amazing stuff over the years now is written a book called on the night.

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