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In the tech center now on colorado's morning news and uber driver is the suspect after a shooting this morning on i twenty five in university one man was killed koa newsradio cathy walker saw the first response early this morning you're out there at two forty five she joins us live with the details and that's right april and police say the uber drivers somehow got into a fight with his passenger broadcast defy caught the dispatch from my belief he's our caller denver police say they are interviewing that uber driver but they have not arrested in the victim an adult man died after being shot several times now i saw the police response at two forty five this morning that toyota involved ended up crashed into the retaining wall along the university on ramp to southbound i twenty five police say they would like to speak with any witnesses who were on the highway at about two forty five this morning reporting live cathy walker koa newsradio thank you kathy a special delivery expected today at the white house top lieutenant for north korea's kim jong un will handle letter from kim to president trump's is the president show he is acting as his own national security advisor his own top diplomat he knows that this has the potential to be the biggest moment of his entire presidency so it was the president who immediately accepted the invitation to meet the president who abruptly cancelled the june twelfth summit and then against the advice of his own aides put it back on track that's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl protests today across the country on the white house's policy of taking children away from a legal immigrants parents who they deport here's an acl you spokesperson they are saying the child has to come with us they're making them come in the other room and the parents are powerless and they would never speak up too intimidated their kids are taken away half the time maybe most of the time they don't even know where the.

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