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A Jimmy Johnson. I mean, you don't know. You never know. You never know, man. Snowball Derby. This past weekend, that was big. It was Josh berry won the poll for the thing. Brad Keselowski missed the advancing to the main event, but he did give it a hell of an effort. I don't know if anybody watched the preliminaries there, but the last chance qualifier race. Brad Keselowski started way back. I mean, it was way back and it was like ten laps to go or something. He was 12th. It was, it looked like there was no chance for Brad Keselowski to advance. And then all of a sudden, things started getting crazy. He got up to 6, and I was like, oh my gosh. Brad's losing. Because the top four advanced, but now he ended up 6th in his last chance qualifier race. So he missed the field, but he did give it a heck of an effort for his first attempt. And then in the actual big show, he had time to Jessica and Eric Jones getting into it. I don't know if you saw that. But Jessica touched the rear of Eric Jones car launched up on top of it. Just obliterated Eric Jones was number four car. It was like riding with him. Yeah, that was just bizarre. That number four car was destroyed too, so Eric Jones is bid at a third snowball Derby victory was over. But the guy who's been so close so many times Carrie literally has led like 92% of the laps in the last four snowball derbies. Derek Thorne, and yet he had never won one, finally pulled it off this year. After all the trying after all the craziness, he's run the last like ten snowball derbies and has been attempting to win this thing. He's been so good in the snowflake race. The companion event that during the week and has won that several times and is always a contender, but finally breaks through Derek Thorne wins the snowball Derby. Amazing, amazing. See, we got stuff to talk about. There's lots going on. Yeah, so we've got lots more than that too. I mean, let's talk about 2020 threes coming up and the money team racing, Floyd Mayweather's team. We saw them kind of compete this year for the first time after hinting they were going to be joining for like two years. Joseph shrigley, it took Chris dot com, I actually talked to their team co owner, Willie ach moody. And he says they're continuing to build their program. They want to expand past the four races they ran this year in 2023. And they want to build the team around Connor Daly who came from the IndyCar circles. Wow, okay. Yeah. Yeah, so Willie says the team is looking at a technical alliance down the road as well. So they're very open to doing things. We're at your children's racing. It has helped them to this point. But says they're open to any Chevrolet team that's willing to talk. And Daytona 500 Kerry, you ready for this? What's up? So obviously, the big rumors that Elio cash Travis will be going to track house for Daytona, right? Right? Well, the money team racing has also had talks with Elio Castroneves. We could be seeing Elio Castroneves in a Floyd Mayweather car at the H one O 500. Holy crap. That's crazy. Weird to hear. Are we living in? I love this. That's wild. Yeah, crazy. Very cool though, very cool. Hey, what's this whole thing? The RTA race team alliance. They want to create their own series in the off season? Yeah, so this is the other thing that's going on. Now obviously under current NASCAR rules, there are some stipulations that can't be broken here at this point. But yeah, the RTA, the race team alliance, which fields all 36 of the chartered teams in the NASCAR Cup Series, kind of an ownership group where they band together and help each other either get things their way at NASCAR helping with negotiations or help each other get sponsors, travel, money, all those other stuff. So that organization is having talks to run exhibition events in the off season, like you said. Away from NASCAR. So it won't be NASCAR sanctioned. It won't be NASCAR saying, hey, go tune in this week for the X missionaries with the RTA. So you won't be getting any of that. It'll be RTA on their own. And so obviously with part of the stipulations in the current agreement with NASCAR, which runs through the end of the 2024 season, the RTA can not start up their own rival racing league. So no full-time racing league with points and a champion all that stuff. But the RTA believes there is legal workarounds that they can do in exhibition event or exhibition events. As long as they're not running for a championship, the car also can not be a current NASCAR race car. You won't be seeing the next gen cars. You won't be seeking cars, you want to be seeing the current trucks, but you might be seeing the old gen 6. So who knows? They've got plenty of those left, so I don't know if that's within the workings of the agreement. I don't know if it would have to be late models or what it would have to be. But the RTA is definitely thinking about doing it. And when the RTA usually thinks about doing something, they find a way to do it. So we'll see how it goes. One of the things they said is because there are struggling to turn a profit. Does throwing money at something like this? Is that going to help? So I don't know. That's a great question. The whole key to it would be getting a TV partner, because if you don't get a TV partner, you're not going to make money on that. It's just not going to happen. I think they've got to have talks going on with the TV partner about this possibility. But if that happens, I see it happening. If they don't have a TV partner, I see no way this turns a profit at all. But it just kind of does show how the crazy links that the RTA is now willing to go to try to help these teams turn profits in this sport. People still question if they really aren't turning profits. And I'm sure NASCAR is wondering that same thing too, but at some point, these balance sheets are all going to be shared with each other and people are going to understand where everybody's at. But as it stands right now, the RTA is claiming they're not making money. And the teams have to make money.

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