United States, Russia, Kremlin discussed on Abe Lincoln's Top Hat - Episode 351: Orenthal Is Out


Actual subject of the email i mean you can't even make this up it is russia clinton private and confidential not even attempting to hide the fact that this is an email correspondence with the russians if you deal with an individual who has the power to a come to the united states a lawyer from russia without a doubt that individual has ties to the kremlin yeah uh you just don't get to that status in russia without ties to the kremlin all everything leads to putin whom everything leads to the to the kremlin that's the way their society is set up so russia clinton private in confidential and i wanna say open in by the way they know that to these guy i know it yeah i mean there's the trump's have been doing business in russia for years and years old years like they know exactly how russia works they know how you get things done in russia and they know it all goes through the kremlin anything to the content anything they said to the contrary is a complete and total lie yami they rented out multiple of buildings to a two russian uh you know oligarchs and the oligarchs obviously have ties to the kremlin because you don't be you don't become wealthy in russia in less uh vladimir putin likes you now you are you otherwise you are gone new you or your endeavours desmond or your imprisoned dad or you you've had to us skipped town and go to another nation oh hell trump he did and he expanded miss universe into russia and i think two thousand ten look at had no mueller muller is actually um investigating robert muller another individual the donald trump talked about in the in the new york times he wants to fire muller but then what what does that look like yeah i obviously i in something special counsel i don't believe he has the ability to actually fire a special council now um so a lot of the people on the right have argued that this email chain a to donald trump jr was an obama plant this is a deep stateplant this is what they argue auto one more i know of marcus i'm going to give it to him.

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