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You'd like to get solves a big big big big problem that even apple couldn't figure out wow so they these are two dudes that just took it from a different direction. And that's what often happens within technology but they struggled to explain it in such a great deal that we kept giving them another chance and another chance another chance. He saw something in there that ten finalists Ali said switch places. Let's hear from the guy's not saying maybe he's better. Maybe he's maybe he can tell the story and Lo and behold breaks it down. Yeah okay that's it and so that just never know television. Is that wicked master. You just don't know yeah. We mentioned We shot that video for your channel where you said you've worked with Steve Jobs before or your four Steve Jobs while I was his largest provider of re of educational software all one hundred ten thousand schools in America. They all have Max at the time. yes I was his largest so in. What was that like? I had an interview recently when I talked about the nineteen eighty-four McIntosh and so we had people who worked with Steve specifically on that one of them on the eighty four mack. Well we were providing software the MAC. Okay what's the early iteration. What do you remember about that company under Stephen and working with Steve? At that time well it was the was and Steve Right because sometimes you propose something that that the technology couldn't do and woz would know that Steve Everything was possible. That's how he thought which is a great thing about out of the I would say back in those days in the mid eighties. The one thing that people don't remember about him as he cared about the art of the product for example I remember having this long dialogue with him about fonts on the screen just presentation of the text which no one cared about you. Think about dos in the early days and all the terminals. Yeah and he just go on for hours about no. We have to have variable fonts we you have to be able to scrape the look of the screen and this is not anything anybody can do at that time to type was the first rations didn't exist and I used to say I'm Steve Steve. I'm not gonNA spend millions of dollars on this idea. You have to to to change just the font on the software where you have to understand. What's what's capable? What people were willing to do what they're not read and we're always battling about that? He'd have a vision and then I had the reality having develop it it. It ended up in a meeting And I'll never forget this and you probably appreciate this. Mac was declining in schools. They were losing share. Stephen lost his Mojo and he was in a tough place. And my board said to me the budget for MAC development this year. It's twenty four million dollars and there's no reason to do that. Let's skip a whole year. No upgrades because they're they're losing share. Wow so Heidi Rosen. Working with Steve Sort of the right hand person in software and I called Heidi. She's still around. She's an investor in Valley And I said you gotTA get a meeting with Steve. Talk to him and I told her the problem. So we flew out there. I brought my head of sales my head of development. And I said Steve You gotTa gotTa Throw in twelve million bucks half the budget. I'm just not doing it. And he went out of his mind it was just. He went crazy Z and just started yelling insults at my team and abusing me. And I said Steve where your partner like what are you doing and why are you using my people like you can abuse me okay. But you don't Heidi was. Let's go sleep white and I've heard I've talked to other people about this. Would he got passionate about something. He just kind of lost control a little bit and it didn't end there. I finally got to leave. I can't let you keep throwing these barbs at my. My people and I walked downstairs. And it was one of those buildings in Apple's headquarters where you couldn't open the window you can only unscrew the little thing a little flap and he saw somma getting in my hertz rental SF Airport and he sticks his head through and he's yelling at me screaming at me from like he can't even get his head through and he's still going. I said Steve. You're crazy like that's crazy. I'm fifty yards away from you now. You gotTA stop. Yeah Wow I call high dealing with the airport said Heidi winter we do she. He said about ten million. I said okay. That was the Internet. But that that's the genius of him mm-hmm and the insanity of him in that one hour and I always tell that story. It would always make me nervous to go into a room with. That guy was so crazy but look what he created creative but the passion of it is obvious. Yeah Yup there's many stories like that. I just have one of them but you can't run a company that way anymore. I don't think right now that would be well. I think we saw what happened to Dubar right. A lot of companies that have had big shakeups. Actually want to ask you about Just just like tech the tech landscape in general. Do you have any favorites. I know you've invested in some versus just like the products and used to be in film so of course into into the camera hammer world as well What kind of tech is your favorite and late twenty? Nineteen I like technology that advances entertainment. I've always felt that people pull that. That bridge the creative side with technology do so amazing things and so you know in music. There's been some really fantastic advancement aspen technology and how you can create news headed music over the last decade. It's completely changed the ability for an artist to just sit and record tracks in their kitchen. The become become huge hits that we couldn't do before and that's very investable technology because it's sustained by by the art of it. I like anything that merges with inhuman passion. There's a lot of tech. That doesn't do that but if you're at asked me to do I invest in technology. Show me something that helps create better for photography or helps You know make like easier as an artist. I like to yeah all right. We've talked about watches briefly but I want to bring it back up because I've got an apple. Watch on here. You know in my opinion. The Best Smartwatch on the planet but you have a very different from watch on they feel very differently about. Could you explain why someone who currently has an Apple Watch should look into a collector's watch or why watch collecting is even interesting in the first place. You and I think you'll understand answer particularly for you. I understand is a major tech dude that you are that you would have an apple watch like the other fifty million robots are watching around and that's the problem that watch says nothing about now you other than that. You're interested in tax like the utility of having a piece of consumer electronics but from an investment point of view. We'll just start there. That lost twenty five percent of its value. Oh you the minute you walked out of the store and I broke the seal okay. So that so that that is a problem It also doesn't tell me who you are. It doesn't speak speak to your interests or what you covet or or what you like about style or art. A watch says so much about the person that wears the kind kind of face. It has the design of the different. If you're an AP guy that says something about to me what you like music for example or if you're a protective elite Guy your high I style. I get that if your rolex you'd be playing ultimate Frisbee and a rolex because it can sustain the G. forces. It can do that. That would tell me something about you. Know who you are but that watch tells me nothing. That's just you're just a robot walking down the street and I wouldn't be caught dead with that thing on how that when you walk in a room you're just to me twenty eighty percent off retail. You have to build your value back splitting me why you got it. So that's what you told me said. I like the fact that I can check the phone. That's coming in and all that I have. I use lots awesome apple products. I edit on apple products. I've got dozens of apple devices throughout my offices but I'm not wearing that watch or eight Norway. That's ever going to happen to I need that is that is like that is a big no-no is taking away from all the things you as a guy can do. You don't get to wear jewelry much. Maybe a ring Maybe some competency of a soon on and then your. There's your watch which says everything about you so you should think about that. I'M GONNA have to watch recommendation for sure I it. You should have a piece that that says something about you. I think you should be a rolex. GotTa start because you're working out so much you know Daytona steel faced Steel Whiteface Daytona. Right now are black. Face are the two hottest so the sports watches. One is a little more stylish. I prefer Whiteface. You might like like block face because you're always in black hat black for sure you know. That's the thing okay. Believe me I can help you going all right for sure. Last thing I I saw a one of your recent ask Mr One full videos. I think it was like sort of a daily Tori did where you had You had an IPAD PRO to surface devices and two phones. It's all with you at the same time. Do so what What are you doing with each thing? Why are they interchangeable? What's what's the setup there so I have many many different investments? One of them is a financial services. Company called o'shares which does ETF's as about seven hundred twenty five million dollars invested in. It is a big one and in the world of financial services. There's a huge issue around compliance and so all the servers have to be compliant too the the SEC. which just the regulator? And so. When I do work on financial services companies I used to surfaces that are encrypted insecure with the Windows operating system that is tied into a network of completely complied completely encrypted completely secure and anywhere in the world? When I saw those up? Nobody can with those. Are My my business business machines. Then you know my son's GonNa facetime me and he's going to do it on an apple device and everybody's you know texting me and so that's my other world so when you when I set up a hotel got the two super secure server based systems that I'm monitoring all these investments on and over here is my entertainment section so the maid walks says. What is this like? This is four screens up here and I'm playing like harmony on them okay. And I've been enable drag people say to me G that luggage a lot I said yeah. It's got like a moving office but I need all that stuff Because that's how I roll Eh and smartphone of choice. So you'll appreciate this there. Are you would definitely get this there. There are certain attributes of the Samsung ten. That I really really like. Is it the note ten or the estimate the estimate the Tanna that I really really really like and and I really like and I can't get them on the eleventh. So you're talking ultra-wide camera yes you're talking possibly headphone Jack. Talk in screen and got the newest phone and you're probably talking like much bigger more exotic looking screaming notch correct. Okay you got it. You must the space for a little bit so I can't give that up so I now walk around the world with and the other thing I found in every city and you probably know this better than I why you need to have both. At and T. and verizon as you'd Cry Criss Cross America interesting you're in the hills in La. Yeah I'm not gonNA spend either network..

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