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I i have fun digging a hole articles yes some of those were amazing it's funny because i was just ripping on judith crist last week actually in the scarecrow episode and there she was again bashing on this film and i have to say like a lot of the criticism of this film i was like okay i kinda get where you're coming from and kinda like you heather i was kind of fair to middling on this movie until we started to have this conversation and like over the course of the last hour and a half i've actually grown to appreciate this more having this conversation with you guys same it's such a cool movie i don't know i don't know why it's you know obviously didn't get a fair shake but it seems unjustly to be under looked at especially given that you've got a name director a name brighter an star and i mean this is malcolm mcdowell film he did right before clockwork orange so you kind of think it would be and he did it after doing you know lindsay anderson's if which is an art masterpiece of a movie again it was something that you dug up cullen it was an interview with locie about this movie apparently kubrick contacted him and was like would you recommend mcdowell for this role in those well i tell me what the role is about and after he heard it he's like yeah you definitely want this guy that is so cool i can't even imagine anybody else in clark orange i wish robert sean jack towns on a movie together i would love to see the two of them they both have the same for not possessing but is similar sort of like intimidating intensity yeah i think they would have been really dynamic together it'd been the weirdest movie i would have been into it's i just i'm sad that that doesn't excess that you manual at set would be like oh my god i wish they'd given shaw i can't remember which bond film he was in russia with blows thank you i wish i would have given him more latitude in that movie because like the way that the villains are treated now in the bond films where the villains are almost more featured than the than bond you know thinking of like even that piece of shit one with jonathan pryce it's like yeah i can go back and i can look it like oh jonathan prices in the movie he was the bail the big bad he was the big villain and it's like yeah with robert sean like yeah which one was he in jail 'cause he's kinda in there but he's not like that level of batty and i wish that he has well frankly i think that any james bond going up against robert shaw should be afraid oh hell true especially if he's willed in snake i didn't talk about speaking of laughing we didn't talk about the cave seen i know that we didn't talk about when they drink the condensed milk i have a can of condensed milk here with me and i drank about half of it before the show and i haven't had any problems yet but out lord or know what's going to happen i just love this nancy runs in jack bound starts laughing he gets hit him so in they're just sitting there tackling at each other squatting on the grounds the grass in fronts we can't see at never seen two people diarrhea on screen at the same time before well especially in a film that you could call it art all my maybe like in why no in harold and kumar was here like the two girls that evie like a like a poodle i don't know i'm sorry did they have one cup grouse now would've thought would joseph losey with inspire us tonight i feel like he's got a haunt has the scene in the cave with malcolm mcdowell that's a little intense at he gets a little out there but i think it's called for i mean there are moments where there's some really intense emotions happening on screen and if you're not up for it than you might be like it's a little much but i i was with the ride for this movie i didn't necessarily sit there and go yeah you should've tone that down a little bit those scenes are totally earned and i.

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