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My career. I have fought against the powerful powerful people powerful corporations. I will never stop fighting that good fight. Bernardi is known for representing stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump. He's been charged with extortion and Bank and wire fraud in separate cases in New York and California. At the UN today. The Security Council expected to discuss the latest developments in the flare up between Israel and HAMAs. Linda pursue reports. Meeting on the Israeli Palestinian conflict was already on the Security Council scheduled before the current hostilities the U N special envoy for the middle. East is expected to breach Security Council members on the Israel Gaza situation as well as his ongoing efforts promote peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians on Monday, Stefan, Zureiq, the spokesman for secretary General Antonio terrace described the rocket attack from Gaza into Israel as a serious and unacceptable violation and says that the UN chief was monitoring events closely. He calls for both Israelis and Palestinians to exercise maximum restraint. Israel's UN ambassador has urged the Security Council to condemn HAMAs for the rocket attacks. At this point. It is not clear what if any action the council will take for NPR news. I'm Linda Fasulo in New York from Washington. You're listening to. NPR news. Last fall, a guidance counselor at a private Catholic school in Indianapolis was placed on administrative leave after her same sex marriage became public now Carter Barrett of member station. W F Y reports at a second guidance counselor says a high school will not renew her job because her relationship with a woman guidance counselor. Lynn Starkey says Ron Cody high school will not renew her contract for next school year because of our civil union with a woman stark he's been at Ron colleague for nearly forty years. Her lawyer, Kathleen Delaney says the school's decision to in her career there is retaliation after a discrimination claim put the school in a national spotlight. Starchy has been kind of waiting watching and looking over her shoulder when the day was going to come where her employment was going to be affected either through suspension or termination. In a statement, the archdiocese of Indianapolis says contracts are guaranteed for only one year in Starkey civil union violated her contract for NPR news. I'm Carter Barrett in Indianapolis. Taiwanese computer vendor? Acis says it will have a statement today after security researchers said hackers successfully infected tens of thousands of ace's computers with malicious software the Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky lab says the hackers last year got into the company's online automatic updates system. Semantic has also confirmed that some of its customers are affected the ride hailing service, Uber is buying Kareem its competitor in the Middle East. Uber says in a statement that it's buying Korean poor three point one billion dollars. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of twenty twenty. I'm trial Snyder NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include transfer wise, which was built to make it easier to send money internationally four million people and businesses use transfer wise to send receive and convert currencies in more than seventy countries. More at transfer wise dot com. This is morning edition on KCRW ahead on morning edition a few years ago. A survey of college women revealed something startling thirty three percents of our undergraduate women in our sample said that they identified themselves princesses mourn, how princesses culture continues and how the toys we play with as children shape us as adults. That's coming up on morning edition on KCRW. This is Steven w from freakonomics radio. We'll be teaming up with KCRW for alive.

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