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Coolest thing that barbie was driving around had this paint rv and who was lagrua antony cover the grill gave the grill there's a it's like totally raimondo else and i never got it for christmas i'm going to play said in the early nineties nonnomadic rohback the barbie dream camper place said and there was a war her and can and skipper we're having a little grill on the front folded out you could play on the inside bought it was the coolest thing i've never got bozo your spaceship instead i mean that's we can get exactly i mean i quickly forgot about about guess i'd in forget about it still summarmized to reveal cortex this memory of never getting that motor home my goodness that child offerings were never fulfilled for the motor so i'm sure i'd get a landbased did by lewis hamilton for the busting my ever he said a d bag all right rocco do you have a celebrity demag today i do um i got a late night uh facebook messenger message last night from a friend any sent me like this link about a gene simmons story might aha and i said john i'm not i'm not even a click on because the simmons's adduced baggy god to associate off this morning i did click on a justintime to name gene simmons of kiss my dish bag of the day so there is kiss has basically you know five good songs from like the late seventies that they've been repackaging i think you're being generous at that how i mean maybe three maybe light and i love kiss i was i was luring lies army the 1970s and i was like well here's what i i don't i never joined the kazama but here's what i did do you remember the columbia house records where female than a penny he could get thirteen records all yes sure enough that's what my my mom told me not to my mom told me not to sure enough on the way to school i dropped that penney in the mailbox and got seven kiss records in the mail three weeks later didn't that in an well for me but no i do i have a love hey thing with cats are always have but his latest money grab is to take this thing it's they have a new box at he's calling it the ball to think they're selling it for two thousand dollars are you serious ultrasound gene simmons bloodbath and want to pay fifty thousand dollars gene will come to your house.

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