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Policies on a regular basis I mean I got up four times you're just read what I would do is show a video and then let's talk about Ranbir's kind of based on this video so find a projector it is really interesting to see these videos from their perspective like this one I don't believe September two thousand fifteen a guy named Freddy Centeno forty year old pricing ten no she's gone to a woman's house like to woman's front door and threatened her and says he has a gun in the cops pull up gather car they're just like twenty feet away from some ten who's walking towards them on the sidewalk ten shots seven and then hit the seat was a forty seven right along the wall one point five six six Jim's claims that happens in one point five six six seconds mentally disabled man is it seven times and dies in the hospital twenty three days later and one of these news clips that Jim shows the lawyer for Freddie Santos family is basically just like you know a bad shooting that's that's possibly like this was an atrocity nothing about this use of force should be considered reasonable because the cops in this situation the rolled right up on Fridays and ten they include any space and give Freddy Centeno anytime they get on the ground you have a chance to get on the ground one second before you get a buyer it is always viewed the video shows the officers did not get sent out of a chance to respond to their commands Sir Tim plays all these reaction clips and then where he plays the original body cam video again C. for discontent they tell me to get on the ground he doesn't and engine slow the video down and we does you can season totals right hand reaches into his pocket Jim pauses and he's like take a look at this right here end up on the screen Jim has.

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