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And that's RJ Barrett. One of his teammates through averaging twenty four and is nowhere near as a and as he's going to be and then the kid from early stage. John Moran, who I think is Russell Westbrook. And and I think he's going to continue to get better. But I think those are two guys that are going to have to be considered. Plot as well. A really good article from last week after God who wrote it. I don't know if you guys can call it up. I sent it to you guys, Danny and Meller, but I learned a lot about John Mirant reading on how weary came from. And now he was he was very very nobody really want. I believe it came from South Carolina was a player in South Carolina, and no one had him on their recruiting radar and Murray state was like the first program to to one John rant and then late South Carolina got in on it and South Carolina state school wanted him. And he told the the coach at Murray state you were on me from the start. I'm staying I'm going to stay with your program. And you know last year was a good player. No one ever had them in his top twenty for this year's draft. And then what he's been doing in some of the highlights that he's been doing this year. He got hurt the other day and sprained ankle was quite the same. But John Mirant. The kid of Murray state lot of people love can leap out of the gym. He's got one of those. Dunks. I don't wanna go to graphic Meller was about when he was a kid. They would play basketball like a seven foot hoop, and they would like one kid who would dunk with Taunton by hanging on the rim and placing so we got and so he had one of those dunks. Do you know where Murray Murray state is? Yeah. Well, I Murray stay they were arrival of southern I watched Ashraful Maya go up against Popeye Jones in a double overtime. You. Remember Popeye Jew? His son now in NHL. And he played in the NBA was a coach in the NBA for a long time. And it was a we storm the court at Murray state. So yes, I'd been to Murray Kentucky for not only a basketball game. But for a football well done, sir. He's listed as six three and one seventy five. Yeah. He's he's lie. And you wanna go that route the Derrick rose route again, if you would get number one, some people think maybe you should. But the two kids playing Notre Dame tonight. We'll have the game coming up at the top of the hour. It's an ESPN television game. So the cool thing about watching the the the two of them as you can watch one game and knock it out and compare RJ Zion against each other as they play together and Jordan cornet who does great work on the jam and also here he's now working for the company on his college basketball analyst shooter. Unfortunately, his Irish fifteen point dogs in their own here. Mike breys team struggling, but Jordan has seen in person. Zairean in RJ Barrett. So he thought he'd be a good guess for us today. And welcome to the big show, Jordan. How are ya? Yeah. I got the call up. This is what you dream of. So so what do you think right now when you compare the two if the draft were today in the bulls head the number one pick would you want R J Barrett or would you on Zion? Williamson. I mean, I it's become a dope Reiter channel minor cap. I flip it on this one because I was so gung ho that RJ Barrett was guy because of the premium on scoring and what he brings his is one on one guy in isolation, but how efficient die has done. This thing with all the expectations and how he's come in delivered on all fronts. Various wave the impacts the game. Whether it be offensively, whether it be scoring the fall in the official clip, he does whether it be distributing rebounding. I mean, she can literally impact the game in every single area in dominant fashion. I I've seen anything like I heard you guys playing Jay Bilas out of the gate and me and Jay went back and forth on what's the comparison it settled on there's no comparison, and it's not to say he's LeBron James because that's not fair to him. There's just not a body that I've seen a college basketball with the skill set or any level this comparative to what he does Jordan. How concerned are you that his at least statistically his numbers from outside are not great. I know he's got a tremendous field goal. Percentages up by sixty five or sixty seven percent. But he averages two threes per game in his averaging only twenty seven percent from behind the arc in a game at the next level where you do have to be pro fish. From outside is that a concern? It's not a huge concern. I'd actually go the other way with it say it speaks to his maturity understanding that inside yard is where it can do is damage. There hasn't been a lot of volume in starts with attempts. Their recent. It's interesting though, Tommy has sort of go to the three point shot a little bit as remained inefficient there. But it's starting to show a willingness to go out there. And I think that's. Of him trying to show the scouts that. Hey, this is a part of my game that I have to prove their with everybody's comparing him to RJ Barrett. Prospect keep in mind, RJ three point numbers are nothing to show. Yeah. I think this speaks to both guys that's the place where they can grow. But it's a place where you look at their shot and their delivery. It's something that that can easily be cleaned up. I mean, let's not forget, I am not comparing abroad, but you're saying phenomenon coming in LeBron stroke has improved for the time. He came down. So I think that growth will be there. So you expect that he'll be better and more improved shooting from distance. What if to play the what if game it doesn't improve dramatically how huge impact how big an impact can be? If he's not a threat from a serious threat from from distance. He could still be dominant. I think he truly should still be dominant. I mean, his ability to impact that game defensively, they just watched tonight and Notre Dame's great with the basketball, but watch how he's so disrupted. Their weather deflects. It are just shooting a gas getting in the in the passing lane and translating that defense and offense. Second chance opportunities. He needs to show what ability to go. Right. He loves that left hand going less. But nobody's been able to stop it. He moves so well with his size that the damage that he doesn't side yard. I still don't think there's anybody in the league even links Beck in Stockton for getting to where he wants to go. But it's the relentless voter. And this is what we talked about a little bit too is there's no left in his game. So he won't be productive in a forty eight minute clip at the next level forty in college because he doesn't stop. He's gonna find a way to be productive. That's that's what I was. So impressed with Jordan like you said, and we were taxiing off the air there there been a lot of prospects in any sport that I've watched too you could see in the midst of a game in navy. This doesn't happen for coach K because they'll pull ya but who loaf a little bit or who don't get back on defense. But not only is he looking to get the offensive rebound tip dunk. Then on defense. He's. Is looking like Jordan said to get the block shot. He's looking to pass. He'll go on the outside everything like to me, Jordan. It was to get that athleticism with that high motor to me. There's so much there that you just love to see. Yeah. Absolutely like watch. And this is really obscure. But he's having a great year. Watch. John Collins the Wake Forest the guy that came out early and what he's doing in Atlanta. This is a guy with no Goto move. He's a big guys probably six maybe ten bit taller design. No doubt. There's no coats who move. He's just active. The got numbers like nineteen and thirteen a game. It's absurd because that activity makes them productive. And he has nowhere near the skill set the silent possessive let up lack thereof that makes me believe that this guy was gonna come in and give you around twenty and panicky. Steals and assists. His vision is is so under sold in his passing ability is it's watched him play. I'm more ruled at it. It's just the IQ the timing. The understanding of where other pieces are round him and how to make them and elevate their game and put them in positions to succeed. It's incredible. So what was the last college player that you remember who is this heavily hyped? Or who was this much of a guy that you said, boy, this guy is going to be great to that reminds you of him. I know not a comp as far as the type of player but the hype involved. The hype is hard. I recall anybody with this kind of hype. And and on the spot, I guess the guy that comes to mind right away. And it's only because he did college obviously is LeBron and mellow Skift. But Carmella went to college for that one year when he went to college everybody somebody gets out you got to be a credible. And look Carmelo as of late is caught a lot of flack, rightfully so some heavy contracts that hasn't produced and now he's just one of the great doesn't want to walk away. Femur was a hall of fame basketball player. And this was a guy that came into Syracuse. It's like, wow, we've delivered with a national championship Zion on a good pass and potentially achieve that. But they come into the league. And really be a major factor. I could be missing guys I've taken always at the two thousand three but it's hard to that hype. And I'm telling you it pales in comparison to the desire on the Snyder on I mean. There is a concerted effort mentioned dukes in non Duke broadcast. Just because there's such an appetite for this young, man. I I mean, they are the black beetles. It's unbelievable when they go from Jim Jim people are showing up. I mean, this is Notre Dame there fifteen point dogs that place will be packed and anybody who likes to college basketball, it'd be watching tonight and the inclusion as four door Jordan have you seen the kid from Murray state. And if so what do you think? I mean, Jay Jay is saying what a lot of people are saying I too. I agree. He's Russell Westbrook. I mean, he's a video game the stuff that he does it. It's. Stuff. Like, it's unbelievable. I'd get Chicago. You hear Murray state? You wanna you wanna turn down the volume because you don't want to think about another Murray state products, cough cough campaign. I get it. But and you talk about the most exciting guys in college basketball intelligence, John the rant is right up. There was I am Williamson. They're just playing on the stage that has but this guy at six three ripple rebound in traffic. Most the trees push it with you know, tie loss and speed. And then don't go on you like Vince Carter in his prime. It's six three and everybody worries about his physicality, and what he doesn't have there. But let's not forget, Kevin Durant. Still couldn't push one thirty five and he's one of the most dominant players in the league. So you don't have to be the strongest to play the game is lettuce, ISM laced and speed is on match. All right. So AD Anthony Davis as he wants out and cap said that. He'd before getting all the assets and trading it in for a D..

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