A new story from Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


Lease he most responsible because he points back because member take you fiu without me with cleveland in you didn't win jack you hang one in new england in in coats viyella checks at auto i'll put this together brought everybody here i do it all the cooking i'm doing all the shoppers i'm most responsible encodes billeted tried to get his wish to mr krarup put the kabbaj only did he said you will a trade him because i believe that win lose or draw this past super bowl coach bela check was willing to go is this alone without tom brady and he doesn't have to win three he doesn't have to win four he just has to win one super bowl i'm with you without where windowfitter did they could be no doubt yep mmhmm but tom brady said will hold on wait a minute a jospin we talked to euro set it i know you'd have enough verbal agreement by going to andy won't you to stick around 'cause i got beal and go workout not babe tom brady with one super bowl dot coach belichick there's no doubt him anybody mine and so this what this is about skip this is not about no friendship coach bela take have never gone dinner never played golf never been older brady's asked it has nothing to do with that because most quarterback and head coach you are very close joined bill walked in have grids relationship terry ratio and chuck no there are a lot of quarterbacks that aren't close to the hit coaches so this has nothing to do with a bout back this has everything to do with craig who gives the most critical these five super bowls that's what the toll the wars about okay so how does it play out in your humble estimation i believe coach belichick gold after this year oddly tom brady gonna try to plea twenty years one team nobody's going to touch that when a super bowl that's what i believe okay so obviously we're talking about the greatest quarterback coach combination in nfl history.

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