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Always a chance. But I I would say probably I would I would say Alabama's a prohibitive favorite. Now. A lot depends on the health of the quarterback. You know, the quarterback got that game yesterday and they throw Jalen Hurd off the bench, and he didn't seem to lose much. No, he's I mean, he's a very different quarterback than than to our. Because he's I mean, he's a he's a Slinger. I mean, he throws the ball. And Jalen hurts is is mostly is is as much a runner as passer. So there are very different offensive team. When one quarterback sitting there than the other. But. I would assuming they'll have to back for the for the championship for the playoff game. I can't see Alabama losing Oklahoma. Not that the Oklahoma defense has just too many holes in it. I number two Clemson against number three Notre Dame. Ray who do you like in that game? And let's assume your wife is not listening at this moment. So you don't have to say Notre Dame just to that. You're allowed to go home. I I would like Clemson in that game. I like Notre Dame to me has been very much surprise. I saw them early this year. I saw them beaten Michigan. I thought they're a good team. I didn't see them as a twelve and a team. I really didn't see them as a final four team. They're they are better than I thought they were going to be and by the end of the year. They're playing good. You know, what really impressed me was game played against Syracuse. Syracuse is pretty good and they just pound at Syracuse. So I think I think Notre Dame is is a worthy final four team. But I think Clemson is is is better. So I probably at this point, I'm leaning towards the numbers one. And number two. I think it's going to be I I would say Alabama will beat Oklahoma in a in a high scoring kinda game. And I think Clemson Honey clemson's too strong. I think for the for.

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