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Traffic weather and business reports this is wbz news radio 1030 boston wctc news time four he gene paid degree in boston ended up live rodriggs here's what we're seeing in the wbz newsroom north korea's leaders justice country will conduct more tests joe what has nucleararmed muslim get hit anywhere in the united states pentagon says the icbm the north just tested was a type not preview firstly seen by us analysts in central may three people are killed four wounded in the town of madison gardening killed by police county sheriff says the investigation is the home of where neighbors said there had been a party and fireworks on the board the july wall street while the dow closed in the red today down one point twenty one thousand four seventy eight the nasdaq was up forty to close at sixty one fifty and the sp 500 was up three twenty four thirty two in other news now you a service member from alaska has been killed in southern afghanistan were sad to report the death of army private first class hanson be kirkpatrick aged nineteen of was sylla alaska navy captain jeff davis says the incident happened earlier this week while american troops were uttered operation with afghan forces he was killed monday in helmand province afghanistan to other soldiers suffered nonlifethreatening wounds us military death said injuries have been rising and afghanistan with american troops working more closely with afghan partners as the taleban fighting season intensifies saga remain godley at the pentagon to belgium's are charged with terror related offenses federal prosecutor's office says the charges result from mm several rage that were part of an investigation that was not linked to past extremist attacks in brussels and paris there are calls for a louisiana lawmaker to apologize and removal video from the internet and which he stands inside a gash gas chamber at a polish deathcamp lobbying for a strong us military i'm deborah rodriguez cyclone the.

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