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Marketing push for WhatsApp with ads focusing on the app's privacy protections over SMS and cross platform support on iOS and Android. In an interview with the verge, WhatsApp had will cathcart said the app has no plans of adding RCS support, arguing supporting the open standard would slow development of WhatsApp's messaging features. Meanwhile, met his messenger started rolling out to support for end to end encryption, two users in 2016, and it's now available to all messenger users. You can toggle it on for any message, group chat or call, though it isn't on by default. So for a new conversation, you can toggle on secret conversations, which shows up as a lock icon. Or in an ongoing conversation, you can use vanish mode by swiping up an existing chat. An acquisition news China state administration for market regulation conditionally approved AMD's acquisition of the chip specialist xix. The conditions avoiding tie ins and discriminating against customers and the deal is now expected to close this quarter. Meanwhile, meta got the EU to approve its acquisition of CRM maker customer. Mat had to agree to not limit anyone's access to the customer API for ten years. The Adobe led coalition for content Providence at authenticity or C two PA has finalized version one of a digital content standard. The standard went implemented, can identify when and where it image or video was created and document changes made to it. Microsoft arm, Intel true pick, and the BBC are a part of the coalition. In Q one, Apple report, its largest single quarter for revenue up 11% of the year to $123.9 billion with earnings of $2 and ten cents per share, both beating and less estimates. Other than iPads, all product categories saw growth in the quarter. Max sales were up 25% in the year to $10.85 billion, followed by services up 24% to $19.52 billion. iPhone revenue grew 9% to $71.63 billion. CEO Tim Cook said supply issues were improving with chip supply on legacy nodes the biggest issue. A new report from the Federal Trade Commission found that U.S. consumers lost $770 million in social media scams in 2021. Accounting for roughly 25% of all fraud losses. This is up from just $42 million in social media fraud in 2017. Adults 18 to 39 reported fraud losses 2.4 times higher than those over 40 due to a focus on scams involving cryptocurrency and online shopping. Investment romance and ecommerce scams accounted for 70% of all social media scams in the year. Barren sources say The White House is preparing a national security memorandum, ordering federal agencies to regulate cryptocurrency and other digital assets as a matter of national security. This is expected in the next few weeks, I would evolve the State Department, Treasury Department, national economic council, and council of economic advisers, creating a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency and NFTs. The White House itself will issue recommendations. Microsoft and 35 U.S. states led by Utah filed amicus briefs with the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th circuit in support of Epic Games and its appeal case against Apple. The states argue that the court should have applied section one of the Sherman antitrust act two Apple, even in the case of a unilateral contract with developers, which prohibits every contract combination conspiracy interest rate of trade..

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