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Because he for whatever reasons he just wanted to get to that again he went down in flames he was tried as a war criminal and hung for for for his crimes and he never he stayed true to his reich believes all the way to the end he never acquiesced well and you and you've got to wonder for a moment if you really did believe that stuff or if he was just trying to save himself and could not in the end when he you know when he ends up getting what you said you know as you said he went down in flames it seems to me almost that that he almost felt like he deserved that because because he because he couldn't pardon himself and he did approach that he was invited to he didn't do it be not i don't think so much because he he you know thought maybe what he was doing was right he just maybe thought he was so far in it's so far gone that he just couldn't do it and so he just went the other way and what we see is the non forgiveness is so just it can explode into so much evil and and i think that that is probably one of the largest themes of this film the unspeakable horrors of war do just did they just stayed that if we don't do something from this knowledge and what i find interesting about our conversations about world war films and these stories that come out of this is that these are truly ways for us to learn how to enact our liberty i think that's a great point i think a lot of my personal struggle is i've never been in a war zone and i suspect lots of other people have not in its unless you walked in those shoes unless you've actually been there and you've you've witnessed first person the horrors of war it's really hard to to get beyond that but these films that we're talking about right now shameless schindler's list and saving private ryan bring it home or at least they did to me and the end gallipoli i've not seen that film so you're gonna have to tell me all about it is an interesting film this is a film made in one thousand nine hundred one directed by peter we're it's about a young man markley who is played by archie hamilton and mel gibson plays a frank dunn.

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