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Of two thousand seventeen Paul Lowenthal assistant fire marshal in Santa Rosa which is more than twenty miles away said people's nerves have been rattled that fire got extremely big really quickly and was very visible from a significant part of cinema county departments like Santa Rosa were flooded with nine one one calls even though the fire was no where near the city limits the flames rush down steep hills jumped a highway and are now heading toward the food and wine destination of Healdsburg for NPR news I'm recovery a Dylan Turkey and Kurdish militants in northern Syria are accusing each other of violating a permanent cease fire brokered by the trump administration in pairs Peter Kenyon says Turkey reports five military personnel were wounded in a Kurdish attack in a statement the Turkish defense ministry says the attack by Kurdish militants came near the border town of Russell line in Turkish forces responded with return fire the Kurdish lead Syrian democratic forces accused Turkey of violating the ceasefire with an offensive against three villages Russia proposed to move Kurdish fighters away from the border in a bid to extend the ceasefire Peter Kenyon reporting president trump lifted US sanctions on Turkey that have been imposed just nine days ago saying countries in the region the to take more responsibility for security there since the U. S. abruptly withdrew troops from the region more than ten thousand Syrian refugees of now cross the border into Iraq because of the fighting and the violence is expected to continue you are listening to NPR news in Kentucky coal miners who blocked a railroad track to protest lost wages are one step closer to getting paid from member station W. M. M. T. Sydney balls reports this comes months after the federal department of labour intervene in the bankruptcy of black jul coal miners former employer black tools agreeing to pay more than five million dollars to hundreds of coal miners left unpaid when the company declared bankruptcy this June the notice comes in consent orders filed in US District Court in Kentucky and Virginia this fellow's agreements between the company and the US department of labor and pillars Dorf is an attorney representing Kentucky minors in the bankruptcy all lower certainly relieved that the the miners are finally being paid a fortune you took three and a half long months and it was much too long industry watchers expect another major coal company Ohio based Murray energy to declare bankruptcy soon for NPR news I'm Sidney bowls a cyber security firm says it's discovered an online spying campaign targeting aid groups including you and relief agencies and the international red cross researchers say think tanks including the heritage foundation and the East West center were also targeted it's not known who's behind the campaign but indications are that members of the international community in North Korea may have been targeted stocks finished mixed today on Wall Street as tech shares offset weak financial results from some health care companies the Dow lost twenty eight points this is NPR you're listening to.

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