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To 2 to 5 to 2 to is a telephone number. 1 802 22 K A. B C It's Pleasure to welcome our next guest to the program. She is the former Senate majority leader in the state of California. Who you could follow on Twitter at Gloria J. Romero, Senator Gloria Romero, welcome. Happy New Year. Good to be with you. Happy New Year to you, too. Now, Senator you were serving in Sacramento in the nineties and the two thousands. When the recall of Gray Davis took place. You were there when the When the first signatures were being gathered when people were first starting to talk about the potential of a recall. You were there through the campaign and then after the campaign as well, As someone who's lived through it. Who's seen it up close and personal. What do you make of what we're seeing right now? With the recall campaign against California Governor Gavin Newsom? Well, it sounds like deja vu, and it certainly is attainable. It's well within reach. I think the politics are somewhat different your previous guests to talked about, depending upon people wanting to jump in looking at their political futures. But remember back in the gray Davis Day at that time, the former lieutenant governor Cruz Bustamante, he had chosen to run and was essentially politically excoriated. By the Democratic insiders. So I think there's been a long time going since then. We have history now the work and so it may well be an open, plain and anything they go this time. Is there anyone in California Democratic Party politics who so powerful a Nancy Pelosi, a Rusty hicks, a Dianne Feinstein, who Congar Oto, a Ricardo, Laura or a Fiona MMA or a Betty G and say you better not run or else and get them to not run if they're thinking about doing it? Well, you've only mentioned though political insiders because all three of those have traditional party politics affinities. I think in order for this to succeed, it almost has to be a if a Democrat won He would have to be somebody who's more on the outside. Maybe somebody who has run in the past and who has lost. I mean, you never know. Maybe this might be former Mayor Antonio Vieira goes his chance to come forward and I think he could put in a pretty good showing. What about former Treasurer John Chung? So I think that in looking to the future, you almost have to look at people. Who have maybe gone for the bid, haven't obtained it because of just insider party politics and the role of special interest in California. But it may be a chance for others to step forward. I'm not saying that those of the best candidates, but I think you have to think outside the political party box. And it could potentially be someone who's never been elected before Al Chechi could come back Someone Jane Harman, someone like that. Who has a lot of money. Exactly. You could look at somebody. I mean, maybe Senator Feinstein like, say she's had it with Washington finally assumes the gubernatorial roll. Maybe Willie Brown would want to step forward, but I think it could almost become anything goes and if you get a name of stature Especially from a solid Democrat. I your previous guest said. This is about a plurality. When Gray Davis was recall, there was something like 100 candidates on the ballot. I mean, I mean everything from here to I think circus goers, but support stars that Yeah, I mean, if you've got enough money, and I don't know what it is, but it's a nominal amount to file You can become a candidate for the governorship and run. Let's talk about George Gascogne, the district attorney of Los Angeles County. He's bringing yet more San Francisco insiders into his office in Los Angeles. And he's having mutiny from the deputy district attorneys from the people who work at that office who say they're not being consulted about anything other elected district attorneys in California, including Ann Marie Schubert, up in Sacramento, the district attorney of San Diego, They're saying that because George Gas God they believe is a threat to public safety. They're not going to differ anything to the L, a County district attorney's office. He was bad when he got elected, and he seems to be getting worse. How bad is it right now? Well, he was a carpetbagger. I mean, bottom line. He was a carpetbagger who saw political pickings. Take that as a medicine tribute to the gubernatorial race. Packed his bag two moved into l A. Just because sometime in the past a long, long time ago, he had been raised in East L. A. Um, What is good is that there is pushback now That's not to say. I didn't think that's going has some good ideas. I mean, there is a certain point where you do have to take a look at At restorative justice and making the minute you can't put every kid into prison. But he has crossed the line and I think it is good that people are willing to say, you know, hold the line. This is not good enough. I'm particularly concerned about some of his proposals that I believe will increase the risk of sexual assault. For women in Los Angeles. His domestic violence initiative frighten me as well as in attention to assault. So to some extent, I think many of us scones policies are going to be on the backs of women. And I think when women began to wake up and realize that essentially were ground zero for these new quote, unquote work policies. I think you're going to see a bit of greater push back. And if women conjoined with some of these other deviates from San Diego or Sacramento. I think that's going. We'll have a handful. In Los Angeles Austin Butin er, the superintendent of L. A. USD has said, when Children are allowed back on campus. If the vaccine is available to them, they must take it before they are allowed to go back into the various schoolhouses. We know that Cove in 19 is not a Bible, RJ threat to Children. It's a threat to people who are over the age of 65. It's a threat to people who have co morbidity. Ease who get into those high risk categories is what he's doing something that is meant to protect the health and welfare of the Children. Or is he doing it to delay the start of on campus instruction? I don't think there's a great deal of science behind that..

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