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Than talk we had talked before read protest before from got it now while we make this at least in their action reverses systemic racism with a long overdue concrete changes presidents visiting the shrine the pope John Paul the second today here's correspondent Boris Sanchez he said the visit the national shrine of Saint John Paul the second sources close to the president say that he's been concerned about his support among the evangelical community especially in the wake of the corona virus pandemic again killing more than a hundred thousand Americans across the country at least nine Americans have died in violence in the last week hi Mike Morris dozens have been arrested while looting pharmacies around Los Angeles correspondent Stephanie Ilham describes the scene that eyes are the drug store we saw people several dozen were arrested there but all throughout the city driving in this morning I can tell you boarded up now all throughout the area I passed by one Walgreens that was just the alarm going off it had been broken into as well a curfew in New York City did little to prevent destruction is groups of people smashed their way into shops including Macy's flagship Manhattan store grab merchandise and fled police said more than two hundred people were arrested and several officers injured during the chaos four police officers are expected to recover after being shot in St Louis Las Vegas officer is in grave condition after being shot last night in a New York officer is in critical condition after.

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