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Doubled the debt of america you may more debt than any other previous president he was deconstructing america destroying cigna military he put it in a bomb care i call ambaum macaire which is basically if you completely put it in was there to terminate people into force vaccinate people we have this idiot biden who wants to so-called fix obamacare which i mean we're gonna have forest vaccinations broken system it'll bankrupt us and even worse got elizabeth elizabeth warren and wants a new system that would even replace that the sixty detroit that we can't afford with a broken system that doesn't work so you gotta understand these people are completely out of their mind completely run by listen eric transformational powers and avatar i'd like a video game by these entities inside them do you believe that donald trump is basically is the best we can have undeserved chances this but it needs to needs advice if for example he could talk back to you and me and my experts john w spring and people like johnson gray and people like cody snodgrass who is admissions expert the turn down half a million dollars above the merle murrow building and was a whistle try to kill him afterward and colorado if we can talk to donald trump and give them actual solution i have a solution to healthcare i have a solution to missile defense they have a solution to the russians with nukes lower sheila island nor in the antilles north of venezuela and put where nicaragua i've solution to the board did you know that the drug cartels are run by the sad special activity due to the CIA the last act of of george bush junior was to pass presidential directive fifty one which you can look up handed over some of the powers of the president to the special activities division of the run the drug cartels organ human human trade and have two dollars a year that goes in for the drug cartels from afghanistan and central america so that they can actually fund the genetic engineering underground cities bechtel corporation off worldspace projects and other things that are not under the surveillance in congress senator the president people you know what's really going going with shadow government runs everything that's why wouldn't brennan and these other say that we have life oh dozen wasting your trump they think they do they think they're the government as a a sham that we've been elected president who thinks joke that's what's going on amazing brennan and clapper twinned up are you still looking for that one iodine that you can really trust a.

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