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Has grown out of a personal disaster. Yes there was. A biggie. Was working here at nbc and everything was great and worked at dateline. I was newly mary added. That was great. I went for a routine mammogram. And she l. something and she said you should get it checked so in this weird span of a week. I found out that i needed a mistake to me. And at the same time. I found out that the guy who has married to was being unfaithful and i literally was like what is happening like what happened. I understand and i wait for surgery and was horrible. So in that time afterwards i was in covering which was just laying around watching law and order and trying to figure out what i was matter about the sickness or the soon to be ex husband and in the middle of all of it. I had this weird tiffany which happens. I think sometimes when everything is any and all of a sudden. I realized i had made it and i got these four words that sort of came to me and they were new. Can't scare me. And i learned it. Were they were starting a new hour of the today show for our and i did something i've never done before i've never really liked raised my hands and pick me for this job because here's why i'm so good. I just worked really hard. I was like senior over here on the one working with you. Want to promote Over here like i was that one not the one who strung themselves with christmas lights at how good they were so in this moment with that epiphany that feeling i was having i said no what i'm going to go ask for that job and i still remember i got in the elevator thirty rock and went to the fifty second floor which was all the way up and i walked into jeff's uppers office at the time was heading up nbc. And i said jeff had Better you can't scare me. I want this job. You're who you get. He'd been through break so he understood that feeling of unstop ability kind of and i finished my speech. My heart pounding. I've never done that. People saw me as dateline person. I was aghanistan. I had a couple of producers pulling for me and i ended up getting that job. I thought to myself. Oh my god. If i haven't gotten sick. I got like i wouldn't have the courage have mojo gone up. I would have never asked waited. Like i usually do. But instead it was urgent like my life had margins. It was the beginning and an end. Like stop wasting time. That hit me was like all of a sudden light was urgent and that happened. I ended up getting it. And i thought well talk about silver lining of a yucky horrible terrible couple. Years turned into a job that turned into another job. I mean i can't even believe. I'm fifty six and i'm doing the today like how did that happen. Like how did it happen. I'm still stunned. Even now as i sit in my office wondering like wow that was weird but i think that was it going through a horse in a sickness and going through two things at once. It's like you can't really pile all your sadness in one place gotta split. Maybe that helps you in. We're way like a mad at him. Why i sick. You know that i'm white. I'm feeling better jack. And so all of a sudden like oh okay. Well you're i am. I think i made it through. Wow god i wish when the really bad hud stuff was happening that concurrent with fair and worry and fair and worry could be this idea that i know something's going to grow out of this. I i know that this is not for nothing. Is funny that we can look back. And we can see that but at the time when it's happening astonishes me that we can't comfort ourselves with what is most likely going to happen. Which is as he said. Something grows. yes. Yeah you're right. I would have loved to have known in the middle of all those days like. Don't worry a something coming because then you realize like you're only here for a minute so you do you. That's it that's all you get one right around the sun so you can tell around everyone feel better and do what you do or you can speak it. Say it out loud..

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