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And outcomes great outcomes, but also saving money, and so as you consider the next steps, whether it be your IT department, or if you're, you know, you're a CFO looking to pass on savings goals across the organization being courage -ment of checking out other players to make sure that you guys are getting the best deal is something that would be my call to action after hearing how much money Terry save the system. So that's definitely something to be proud of Terry. Thank you for sharing that too easy to do. It's about finding the right partner and a partner that's interested in your success and not their bottom line. Absolutely. That partnership is key. So Terry tell us a little bit more about an exciting project or focus that you're working on today. We'll sell we're in the process of. Growing and we're in the process of acquiring another healthcare technology company. So it has early stages, and it's very exciting for us. And we think we've had great success. And we think we have a lot to offer. And by growing the business we are reach. We'll get figure say right now, you're you're in the process of acquiring somebody at you acquiring this because acquisitions it's another thing that's happening. Right. Hospitals are buying each other companies are buying each other. When we think of this topic of acquisition. I like to think about the why behind the acquisition. What is it that you're looking to gain out of acquiring? I think more reach these guys have a nationwide health care presence. And you know, we've been really specific in our focus. We are focusing in the underserved communities or rural communities, whatever you wanna call them. We really feel that we have great we build great relationships, and we can make signal. Impacts in those areas. Yes. So we have another company that is similar like my new than have a broader reach. We feel that a acquisition will help us some grow in the right way. That's outstanding. So you just looking to diversify your demographic and just get out beyond the the rural and underserved areas into perhaps larger cities and other things like that. Yeah. Awesome. Mo-? Congratulations on that. Hope everything goes. Well, thank you. You know, so one of the things that we like to do on the show kicked closer to the end is do a little pretend. So you, and I let's pretend rebuilding a medical leadership course on what it takes to be successful in medicine and technology today, the one on one or the ABC's of Terry. And so I like I like to ride out a syllabus with you. And I'm going to ask you some brief questions it's going to be a lightning rounds? And so you ready for that? I'm ready for that. Let's do it. Let's do it. There's four of them. So here we go here. The first. One. What is the best way to improve healthcare outcomes? I think the best way to improve healthcare outcomes is measure them. Listen to your patience and measure patient outcomes. Bob, it what is the biggest mistake or pitfall to.

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