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The serve in find a point started and then irani was having such trouble with her own them from the ground so some some full grown strokes were barely crossing the net somewhere hitting to the back of the court and right and i mean that's just the game that is the the the ball toss thing is not something. I guess anyone ever thought of having a rule about because it's unusual. It doesn't help a server to catch ball. Toss anytime my point in mentioning that is explaining the five one scoreline as well because in theory those junk balls serves. Venus should be able to just destroy and hit for winners. Which if she's playing somebody who allows her to get into a rhythm shore that was nowhere near on displaying. This much break. It was just a bad scene. All around and i would like to forget it. Luckily of venus was seen in serena social media the next day or two days afterward shopping. A storm doing a little waste. Wiggle dance thing. There was no strapping to be seen in public. Nothing on the knee. So hopefully it wasn't too bad of an injury. That video was essentially a supermarket sweep in the product store before melbourne lockdown again. Okay so that's that's all the interesting stuff in that section for me. The good news is that queensway is in round of sixteen. Show face fundra savant now. This second section of the bottom half wants a straw came out. All we could think about was mcgrew asako incredibly. This'll be the first time they've ever played. Yeah very surprising. But what the hell mcgrath are in the rama. Sixteen and serena saba length on the same day which is happening very soon. Yes so you will probably know the results of those matches before you listen to this were were really scrambling to get this thing out. Both matchups are the first meeting. Both matchups feel like they could be a final mover. That is the defending runner-up. Osaka is previous years champion of the tournament. And they're both in very very good form. these next. Three round of sixteen matches with osaka. Civil lancashire serena shanty. Help all could be finals. Absolutely realistic And but for cinco. They're all slam champions okay. I didn't even get their holiday. Is the runner up from the previous previous year. Asaka wins in twenty nineteen. How up lost was in two thousand eighteen. I mean the pedigree here is incredible. In mugabe's zanu asakusa section on bour is really the the person of a note she played a three-set match against andrade petkevich. In the first round i was very heartened to see play so well against a good opponent and then in the second round shipboard takes schmidt lovo before having to play nami osaka. Naomi ended up getting through that match fairly routinely by score but that did not reflect the quality of the tennis specifically in the first few games on that much yet. Naomi was struggling to hold serve early in that match. An ons was giving her everything she could handle. Let's get in the habit of referring to jabbour as a magician. Because i you know i know a lot of especially the male players. Have that moniker. Jabbour is is a magician on court. Spare thought for angelique. Kerber former champion of this event went out in the first round. Bernard a pair like you said before one of the hardcore that just did not look anything like herself in this tour and do we know that. That's why of course. Not but it certainly didn't help anyone right. In the several inca serena section. Let you take that away. The serena outfit reveal is always one of the great spectacles of day one or day. Two of a slam and this year while the zero i think was one of the most shocking of all her reveals another suit. This time one full leg and one leg was cut off at the very top of the one was a booty short links and one was fully covered all these beautiful colors swirling around the bodysuit and immediately. If you know truck infield you know. This is a reference to florence griffith joyner's kits. She had a cut a little bit higher. Like female trucks stars often. Where the bikini short serena decided to be a little bit more modest as she said but this was a clear nantou flow joe and it is like nothing we've seen in tennis. This is the same woman who introduced the gene short to tennis. Kiss so can't really be surprised. But i think it shows a lot about serena's confidence in her body you know. When she came back from maternity leave she made it a point to wear bodysuits soon after her return at roland garros at the australian open and she knows that her body looks different now and she's embracing it and it's it's just an incredible message to put out there but also she looks incredible and the best. She's looked at this tournament since she's come back like it is even more so of a statement if you will and our thomas has been talking clearly. She's done a lot of work in the off season use said on the last episode. This is the most fit. You've seen her the quickest on her feet and of course Players who are thirty nine years old. We'll have these off days or offsets days where their feet maybe or not moving as quickly as they are supposed to but what was reassuring is that in her third round against papova. She played a terrible for set. Serena i mean they both played horrible tennis where it was just very very ugly to watch as arena. Wasn't moving to balls. She was missing easy shots. And what did she do she dug in. She saved a few set points. She got through it. She even laughed mid rally which is such a difference from her third-round last year against wong. Chong where she was visibly annoyed at the balls. That were coming back. You know it was like last year. She did not have confidence in her fitness. Gene was like why. Why are my shots not penetrating. Why is this getting his spac. And so where last year. We may have seen crybaby reno. Rena started to get a little bit fussy in this much but eventually was able to soothe herself. And you know the funny thing is that we observe in a lot of fans observed. A serena started slowly in her first out against lowers. Ziegler went great player and starting slowly turned out to be a six one. Six one victory you know it was smooth sailing in the first and second rounds for all the concern about screening this third round match. She still wanted seven six six two after she scraped through that first set the second set went pretty smoothly and popowo I mean she has a lot of trouble with the surf toss..

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