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Sda chief investigator joe ponzi explains the gambino soon set a trap for castro castro wall had made an appointment to meet an associate of his for discussion about some stolen treasury bills but in fact he had been set up and uh to cause arrived on the scene while he was sitting in his own car eating an ice cream and um shots erupted he was hit twice on he was able to crawl out of the core and go into a local restaurant the golden ox restaurant and secrete himself in the freezer in the basement of that uh location until such time as the the hit team uh dispersed from the area castle was determined to track down his wouldbe assassins castle he was out of his mind would region anger and was willing to do anything uh to exact revenge on the individuals who were responsible for that attempt on his life he contacted inau old acquaintance for help burt kaplan a smalltime criminal with connections in all sorts of places including the new york police department kaplan introduced castro to to new york detectives stephen cara kappa and lewis epa lido di hev investigator joe ponzi new both cops a new uh detected up a little better than i knew detective cara kappel only because detective car kappel was for tightlipped to avert buttoneddown ferrying mysterious almost the in in some way louis was much more gregarious much more flamboyant always telling stories always telling jokes always had an audience around them um i knew that early on in his career there were allegations that he uh passed information over to a wise guy but he had been charged departmental lee not criminally and by he was exonerated so as far as i was concerned it was probably just because he had wise guys in his family an and um and may be nothing more than that um i had no reason to believe that either one of them were capable of anything like this but kaplan near that cara cop by an epa lido were willing to moonlight for the mob and as luck would have it epa lido worked in the very precinct where the attempt on castro's life had taken place.

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