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Partly sunny high of eighty two right now we have mostly cloudy skies along with a couple of showers around our tempter seventy five in Central Park headed down to low near seventy early this morning thank you very much there's more political turmoil importer Rico the territory secretary of justice Wanda Vasquez tweeting she's not interested in being governor she's third in the line of succession but since the secretary of state is already resigned she is poised to become governor Ranma Carter was yellow steps down in a week CBS news course dump correspondent David magno has been covering the crisis importer Rico since hurricane Maria hats in twenty seventeen he says this is exactly what protesters wanted there are protests planned for Monday to try and shame her into not getting the job because the people who went after Ricardo Rosales think they don't want want after she's an appointee of his they believe she's a part of this sort of black cloud of corruption hanging over the island and so they don't want her and they're going to try and stop her from getting the job no one quite expected her to come out publicly and say well I don't want the job anyway former secretary of state Lewis river Amaran would have been next in line but he is one of more than a dozen officials who have resigned W. CBS news time three eleven sports straight ahead imagining a better bank starts with looking at the savings rates most banks offer and saying really Capital One is building something better you can open a Capital One savings account with one of the nation's best savings rates from anywhere like here for here one of the nation's best.

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