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Shows seventy six percent of teachers oppose the strike. The question was about opposition to striking not union leadership. No last Mark Bucher with the California policy center says they have lawyers ready to help teachers leave UT LA we've worked so far with about four thousand union members throughout the state supreme court decision from over the summer allows public union employees to opt out of membership. Enter be reimbursed for their dues at school district headquarters. Kris Ankarlo, KFI news. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has rejected the idea of trying to override a presidential veto. To end the shutdown a situation like this where the president in my views and the right place trying to get the right outcome is all of us have expressed with regard to border security. Of course, not McConnell says the only solution is for the president to reach a deal with the democratic house majority. Lawmakers announced yesterday they'll skip their recess for next week if the shutdown lasts and federal agencies like the FAA an IRS are preparing to call some furloughed employees back to work still without pay house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is asked President Trump to reschedule the state of the union address until the shutdown ends. The address is scheduled for the twenty ninth. Pelosi says the homeland security secretary has designated the state of the union as a special security event requiring the full resources of the federal government Pelosi says for security reasons, Trump should postpone until the government reopens or take the old fashioned approach and submit the speech in writing and the county that was home to the states deadliest wildfire is going after genie kidneys lawsuit comes a day after Pacific Gas and electric said it's filing. For bankruptcy. That means the county's lawsuit will be consolidated with other fire related suits, the fire in paradise killed eighty six people while destroying nearly fifteen thousand homes the lawsuit claims sparked from PG any equipment ignited the fire. State officials are still investigating the cause. But the utility has said it had a problem with one of its transmission lines near where the fire started. Erin bender KFI news.

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