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I eat what we can close that door to the kitchen forks i had to i had i had to start that. You have to start the he's watching all right before we didn't have to start right before we started recording has not if it was fully understand but just for four i hope this week's chain is an out of forks because that would be bad news for it in the reviews. They totally did you catch something from u._c._l._a. Boy you hung out with us for fifteen minutes. Yeah we did have a lovely time because we're waiting for you to wrap and i went over and met in passive aggressive. You were working at you song and kevin at the we started an hour later than scheduled schedule as we went over to we we started two hours later. I hung out with kevin a new song at these starbucks reserve the place we gave one fork because we had a really unsatisfactory time they're tasting all of their very very expensive menu items but i just got myself a regular hot tea and it was just like a nice place to mix tease over there sometime time the the like the ice tea strawberry ice tea or whatever when they have like the mix the shake in tease thought they had some good yeah. That's fun. Maybe we're too hard hard on that place. I told nick when the he walked up. The barista was like well well well. One of them did recognize you song though yeah one of them keeps complimenting my glasses which is really nice very goal. Yeah who who whatever it's pretty cool. He's pretty cool. Yeah that's cool yeah. He has complimented commented on his looks. He recognized you from from well. He just like i like it okay. That's pretty nice but does he remember you or does. He just like comment on your glasses. I remember your glass specifically. Remember your glasses yeah. You're now. I would say because you have nice glasses but i don't think they particularly distinct no. Oh i got these because i watch a lot of professional league of legends and the and the people that playing careers glasses so i'm trying to look like cloud nine. I'm trying to look skate t. I really want that look and now i have it so it's pretty good very cool. I am i gonna move your wolf once uh-huh so okay so you you'd better vegan for four years you were. You were glasses wearing guy at one point yourself. Oh yeah i. I was talking about this earlier with these guys. We're killing time at the starbucks reserve. I was glasses where for many years and i had some context guy and then it got lazic..

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