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And tie abortion activists stage rallies across the country yesterday calling for an end to federal funding for planned parenthood i saw the be a voice for a little ones the little once in a when we don't have a voice and it's going to be that voice for them the rallies to counter protests as well planned parenthoods christina chang says regroup can't use federal money for abortions unless it's to save the life or in the case of brave or in set by or of cutting off sunday federal funding for planned parenthood you're actually not doing anything about funding for a portion thousands of people protested in raleigh north carolina yesterday against a variety of issues including the so called bathroom bill immigration public education and jerry mentoring back as or can tell w tv be tv representatives of the general assembling all right not representing us barreling in with this dixon so we in they're elections here i'm to mcguire atp radio news and then su santa palmer from balloon bird world headquarters eighteen into the end it's wireless workers agreed to extend their existing labor contract twelve the two sides continue negotiating a new one that delays the possibility of a strike at eighteen team the current contract was to expire last night the union authorized a possible striking a vote on thursday but he was changing about the chances of that in economics stimulus package promoted by president donald trump will get pass by congress that according to eric moreland executive director and senior economist at _c_m a group he was speaking at a commodities conference injured by is that there are increasing doubts that the agenda will be as stimulator of as markets thought originally federer reserve and it yellin isn't focus on the coming week bloomberg skill in moscow has more air janet yellen appears before congress for two days of testimony beginning tuesday yemen as delivering the sonny annual monetary policy reports and answering questions from lawmakers sports wednesday may show consumer price has increased in january at the same faces a month earlier well retail purchases were held back by fewer curse sales housley starts in building permit sir out thursday karen moscow bloomberg radio this.

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