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They almost like forgot to get intimidated right. They haven't been injured yet in lost two years. Do a knee rehab so they they don't realize how truly special this opportunity and that's fun to watch. Why but that was the way we grew up. We watch tennis. Like tracy austin was like sixty place. Finals jenner capital was fourteen. Yeah we're ti she. Jennifer capriati won a tournament and they. They gave her a porsche and she wasn't loud enough to drive it right. Yeah right all right so my last question be did drive it. But she proven high. She was a then. She opened that great sandwich shop. All right so. I wanna ask you before we take a break and then do some quick kids. You know i want to ask you. Is it possible. And how do we essentially revive. American men's tennis like is that a possibility are there guys in the pipeline that we should be excited. But who who else well brad. Gilbert has been a broken record on this topic and his said until american juniors play thirty to forty percent of their competitive matches on clay. We will not create more champions in europe. You play on a slow red clay court for half the year outdoors indoors. You plan a fast. Indoor carpet have no choice but to develop a complete all around game right I came through the american junior tennis system with no thanks to the. Usda who never had any support or any money from them but played their tournaments right. It's all hardcourts man. I had a big serve. And i could run to the net and then if you hit the ball to me twice. I didn't really have any you know. I had a very low shot. Tolerance if i watch these medvedev. There was a joke of each very of point in the semi finals. They were kind of like back and four in the one. No one was really showing their cars and all of a sudden have fifty three ball. Rally ask just opened everything up and opened up the emotions that opened up the crowd and opened up. Zverev second serve was getting a little wobbly. After that. And i was just thinking i bet you in all of my life of playing tennis. I've never even. I bet you have played sets with less than fifty three shots as a junior tennis clubs cities that have courts they need to. They need more clay courts. That's my answer. But that's basically a copy dancer of brad gilbert who agree with so. Why don't they do that. they should i mean the. Usda makes roughly four hundred million dollars every us open now. This us open was weird because last year they had no fans and i'm sure they're operating under a deficit. I know australian open lost like seventeen million dollars last year. All sports is crazy. Weird this year. You know the country clubs do have clay courts. But it's a very good question. And i don't know why i got a little crappy little court down here in my neighborhood in brooklyn like it should be clay lined up every day to play on it. Let's throw in ten bucks label klay on. It just ruined your shoes a little bit..

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