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All that good stuff, man. Oh, man, these these people, so she got a she got Jill and Maxwell got a nice job for her nephew at Hillary Clinton's State department. And he was gone. I apologize, nephew. My apologies, not her son, her her nephew. It's a close family, though. You know how they are very, very familial. All these people are Very, very much like that. They just see the story of the New York Times. Long time New York Times reporter attacking Melania Trump. This was kind of crazy. Delete kind of this was fully crazy. And now we're going to be coming here calls in a couple of minutes here, but Somebody crazy Democrat stories to get to and so little time. Honestly, three hours is not nearly enough time in any given day, but there's near times reporter. He's a reporter, you know? And the reporter decided to attack the first lady of the United States. Melania Trump was an immigrant to the United States. He decided to attack her and this guy I think is his family comes from a long line of Nazi work criminals. There's something like that. But they're going. They're going crazy out there. A curt like involved is his name. Wasn't he hanged at the Nuremberg trials? Kurt Kurt Aiken Vault, longtime mainstream news Media, New York Times reporter and so on. Now. He's a former New York Times reporter, but he still have a fake news reporter. He's got a Twitter account. Former senior reporter of The New York Times has come under fire for an ugly attack on Melania Trump, saying that he was furious. His period they're all furious all the time. They're all mental cases that the first lady who is a foreigner, he wrote that she's a foreigner. How dare you? You're fired now. Had the audacity to wreck the Rose Garden. Now the Rose Garden was redone by long ago by Jacqueline Kennedy. Later, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and by Bunny Mellon Bunny was her nickname Melon of the Melon billionaire family. Right on course they hung out with the elites. Don't you know who they were? And Bunny Mellon was something she was into flowers and things like that. And with Jackie O. At that point, Jackie Kay, they came in, and they redid the Rose Garden at the White House outside the Oval Office on the South Lawn of them south facade of the White House. And Melania Trump of the most beautiful first lady. We were out in the media just smears her and slanders Aaron Slim's because people like the work criminal Kurt Ike involved. They're just slime balls, so he attacked the For his lady on Twitter involved has spent two decades at The New York Times was ripped for a series of tweets Senator Parent Fury at thes, Slovenian born First lady. Actually proudly revealed the freshly renovated Rose Garden and they moved..

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