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Our new parties emerging in France macron has a new party Injure may the Greens are rising and so the systems are are are fluid and new coalitions are emerging and politics is more multidimensional. I mean I think that the multiparty systems of western Europe I think have a better chance of realigning and letting old party's fall away. New parties emerging new coalitions emerge. I think there may be true to that. On the other hand I would just say you could also make the case that in fact what's been interesting is how permeable America's two parties have been to some extent to insurgencies that reflect reflect shifting realities right. I mean no one expected Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination but he won and change the party in certain ways that actually made needed a little bit more electorally viable in certain states. And right now Bernie. Sanders has a good chance to win the Democratic nomination for President and clearly the Democratic Party has moved to the left insubstantial ways now that increases polarization in certain respects. But it does. It does seem to suggest that the two parties these aren't just locked into you know exactly where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were in two thousand twelve right. The issue landscape changes the voters. They're appealing to changes. There has has been in spite of polarization. A lot of sort of turmoil and change in who the parties are winning over the last five years. That's true although I think I think Michelle made it important Horton point earlier when Michelle when you pointed out that this may be actually much more geared toward congress than it is towards fixing the problems with the presidency and it seems to me this does really have the opportunity to reduce some of the Mitch McConnell. ISM that we've seen over the last ten to twelve years in which McConnell basically decided I mean he said it Trying to defeat Obama is our number one goal and in a two party system there is a little bit of zero heroes some aspect that that I worry creates an arms race and if you moved to a multi-party system It doesn't guarantee that we solve our problems. Because some of Monreale as as we're all pointing out but I can a little bit more easily. Imagine changing coalitions forming right whether it's on economics next to them might be one coalition and on social and cultural issues. It's on another one whereas right now we have this system in which particularly the Republican Party has just decided well when Democrats were in power. We we just WanNa make things as terrible as possible so they can look bad and we can take back power. The corollary to that is that by giving representation to kind of political minorities please in different parts of the country whether it be you know. Republicans in Manhattan or Democrats in Non Urban Mississippi. You would create more of a middle that you would potentially create more of a middle ground here. I think that's exactly right. And that's what we used to have. We used to have Mississippi Democrats in Vermont. Republicans and they played key hinge roles in building different coalitions. And that's what we've lost as our. Our party system flattened out into a genuine two party the system. I just WANNA I just WanNa say I'm I also. I'm just much more confident that this could have positive results at the state than I am nationally nationally to the extent that the real story of American politics over the last thirty years have a congress that doesn't want to legislate that wants to abdicate to the president accident. I think a world where you had five parties in Congress and we're passing any bill required not just sort of negotiations between two parties but negotiations nations between four. I think it's just very easy to see that as a world where Congress atrophies even more and everyone just pours more energy into the great polarized is battle over the presidency. Let's end on something concrete. which is for any of our listeners who've won over in making this case what should they a root for or even do to make this dream come closer to reality? Well I think they should start working at the state level and Get involved in advocating for electoral reform at the state level. where I think it's much more likely to happen? I think we should start at the state level And now I think also they should probably by my book and read it well. The book is called breaking the two party doom loop by Lee Druckman Lee. Thank you for joining us. We also want to hear from you to convince you about the need for parties. Any did did what would be your chosen third party. Give us a call at three four seven nine one five four three two four so we can consider playing a new on the show. Now.

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