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The I word is back I'm Dave Anthony fox news we should all be calling for the resignation of the Attorney General if they won't resign remember the Attorney General can be impeached senator Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC among the Democrats angry or tourney general bill bars intervention in the sentencing of trump associate Roger stone was caught up in the rush of pro fox's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington Dave Attorney General Barr will go before the house Judiciary Committee next month as Democrats call for answers about the justice department's stepping into the case of Roger stone who was convicted of of what this tampering and lying to Congress house intelligence committee chair Democrat Adam Schiff says bars acting as a personal lawyer for the president to wake up and see what the system is doing president or president trump is praising barring clobbering prosecutors at the DOJ frankly all the giants to a lot of the people whose lives a ruined ultimately stones fate will be decided by U. S. district judge Amy Berman Jackson next week Dave range of I. to Elizabeth Warren she's cutting ad spending in South Carolina and just in fourth place finish in the New Hampshire primary has instead focusing on the vada the next contest a week from Saturday in Maine or the super Tuesday states in March there is fallout from the Iowa caucus chaos Democratic Party chair Troy price resigns there the delayed reporting of voter preferences led to calls for a partial re canvas of the results and brought into question Iowa's status as the first voting contest in the nation's presidential primary season boxes rage Dennis and there's been a huge one day spike in corona virus cases on a China jumping by a third to nearly sixty thousand and the number of died at the biggest one day increase up two hundred fifty four to thirteen thousand sixty seven China attributes this bike to faster diagnosis and how cases are characterized World Health Organization Dr Michael Ryan think it's way too early to try and predict the the beginning the middle or the end of this epidemic right now America's listening to fox news continues with one oh six one F. M. talk but judges thrown out the U. N. C. systems two and a half million dollar silent Sam statue deal in Orange County Superior Court judge struck down you in sees plan to set up a trust that the sons of Confederate veterans good used to pay for a place to preserve the monument Wednesday the judge ruled the sons had no legal right to negotiate such a deal the twenty twenty election in North Carolina begins in earnest today with early primary voting that'll continue through February twenty ninth here's how it works if you're a registered Republican you get a GOP primary ballot Democrats get their party sheet unaffiliated voters get to choose a North Carolina connection with the coronavirus Mike Moore reports there is Winston Salem woman who is now quarantined on a cruise ship the ship is the diamond princess cruise ship the latest word thirty nine new cases of corona virus tested positive on that ship fox eight TV reported the Winston Salem woman is Candace quickly Sir she's a singer working for princess cruises the number of people that tested positive back on February the fourth at ten grew to over one hundred by February the ninth the latest cases totaling thirty nine were confirmed on February the eleventh I'm like more meanwhile a small number of people are reportedly at risk for coronavirus in Union County health officials told WSOC TV Charlotte they're closely monitoring the individuals for around a fourteen day period it's unclear at this point they've traveled to China but they are considered low risk yet another county in western North Carolina is taking a stance on gun rights commissioners voted unanimously this week to declare Madison County to be a second amendment sanctuary there now the eighth county in the region to pass such a symbolic gesture for more news listen to the daily dive the big news stories explain to not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts I'm Kyle Wilson more rain but drier weather colder weather on the way upper sixties today already mild this morning in the rain we coming in as we go through this morning when he at times overnight tonight thirty nine much colder cloudy cloudy tomorrow with high only in the upper forties from the weather channel meteorologist re staged a little six one F. M. talk from the J. D. surface now plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center light merging delay forty westbound near highway seventy five.

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