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He fulfilled his contract at the he probably lawyers to look. Listen. He you getting he he fulfilled it, but he forced Showtime to work with H B O. Did he not? But anyway, cut it that much. I'm gonna go out on break ally. Like this. Check check. This mad got down money on my nigga or veer. Now saying I think I knew I knew it was show. He for a while from going for the for the full round knockout Herman if he don't and thing in the I did and say better you gotta chopping not like this. Either say you ready for the faction voice, though, if you got writes this rose five for 'cause everybody that came on for from the UK any lands on. And then they won't go and start their own channel and trope about this fucking shit. You're when they could as, you know, saying you gotta get skin for this ship built put it don't come on the show, commonly sue, which support no sense, the background. But once you once you put your face out, then you get on the scene at it. Hey, you got to be ready for caravan? I say robotic only Joel now saying and. The fight cut it strat Ryan broad. I realized how good fucking are. You are brought into unto gentleman. From the. And that's the reason why her coming at Showtime like this. He's trying to each get demand the streets AJ, don't promote that you don't talk. He barely likes to get physical Deontay of man trying to make Showtime Dame's Lennon by The the foot. foot. That's actually like a real question real quick before. We let you go. What are you from TM one? Oh, four are you segment to be like the first one? Are you beckoning a classic? Or are you do things easy? And and got to know more. Jay got it. I mean last time I you know, he's been around for a minute. My my dog already. Did. I mean. You're already know. I hope you listen to the last time you said, I was a different part. Could it? The minimum. These treat me got diarrhea flow now shit on. Star Steph gone once Skype star Steph going twice. You added doubling back on all mall? Once. You're ready starts to me. A mess talking about Eddie handgun behind the most to get defiant on. But what you glad AJ food was on a good Fatimid, excuse me. About hun going behind shelter about to make the clicks, go fight. Yeah. It was to make But bradtha. I don't give a about that. The argument is was he, trustworthy and Espinosa show that he wasn't but doing backroom deals lying to fucking corporations about contracts, but it's not it's not a breach of contract if they find for show. I never said it was I said it was unethical to lie and say that AJ did not have three more fights remaining with Showtime underline. It was on air also know behind times back. That's what I'm saying. What do you mean center? Same thing. He lied to HBO the age of those Showtime us, what does the weeds? What does the weasel care by this is what I'm saying? Yeah. Lights gloss over because it's AJ. It's like, oh, yeah. But he was lying. But so what why why does he care? He's like he's proving earned when the five with over Showtime and his next three five zero Showtime. He's lived up to the deal. He lied about AJ not having three more fights contractually obligated to Showtime. What the fuck don't you get live up to its contract though? It didn't like they brought the country..

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