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Just a question of the crowd police. Someone answer her why I'm really wondering what's the connection. Is that one of those yeah. What is it what you like what I don't get it? I think Camille all is real freaky. I mean I think of all of them. She's like the freaky like she has like dead. Blow job is like I don't know is a Raji blowjob but nothing exactly like just completely dead. Dick Sucking is that are are really haunting into me and I'm just saying there's something about her where she knows she knows what she's doing. Hey Hey she knows what she's doing. Absolutely I mean she knows what she's doing with men and none of it's connected to her own body or impulses. It's all just like weird robots sex doll stop and I find it really creepy but that's and that's where like I look at Kelsey grammer and I'm like Oh ooh calling Camille Grammars web. That's so basic of late. That's so very sad. What do you think of denise his new husband dumb brick yeah I mean yeah? He's so dumb. And what do you think of this arena this season. I'm enjoying her right. You don't feel the same I have been something. We've seen one genuine moment. I agree with that the one and that's okay because you know why I think the reason she's smart. She's played the game too long and also I mean I'm sorry let's speak plainly cleanly tonight. Are we ready to. We've had an apple watch fine. Let's speak plainly you guys. She's suffering from a region eating disorder. There's the other way around it. We need to applaud applying truth. Yes it's the woman is okay. That's that's true as well. These things are true. She's suffering from a raging eating disorder that has plagued her for for her lifetime and her daughter is now very publicly suffering from one as well and that connection I truly believe is is too much for her to bear and it's why we're we're not seeing an authentic version of herself. Because how could we because for heard it to admit mid the cheese struggles with her weight is. I don't think when she said maybe I do. It was the closest she's ever come obtain. She's ever come in and there's no need for her to say it or to reveal it to any of us of course but I do believe it is so the subtext and those scenes on that outside dining area where I can't. I'm sorry I mean again this talk about God. You know this is tough to look at this. Our area was grilling. Yeah when Hammond was grilling and what's her face was saying she was allergic to different foods and it was very tough to watch and the elephant in the room of course is they've all these girls have been you know modeling behavior from lease arena arena and they are now both both theories sick and I'm sorry to say that tonight but it's true rookies d they're sick children and this diseases come from rimmer herself well but she does seem to be having a lot of fun it again. Edit this. Thank you thank you June. When conversation with your friends turns to sec there's always that one friend in the group that doesn't hold back and goes into do all the details? Those conversations are where we actually learned techniques. We WanNa try and toys. We WanNa buy what if you could have thousands of super open friends like that all gathered together pulling their wisdom about sexual pleasure and giving the details with nothing off limits that's O._M._G.. Yes dot com and that's what it's all about O._M._G.. Yes interviewed over Twenty Thousand Women Women Ages Eighteen to ninety five in the first effort large-scale research about what techniques feel-good for women and why they condense that wisdom and put it on the site fell short videos that feels I was just like a huge gang of Super Open Friends Glamour Magazine says you can fall into this for hours or days seriously do not go to this site if you have things to do the times called yes the next wave of unfinished sexual revolution even Emma Watson recommends. It started exploring and get a special discount at.

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