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You know the people that we fought in this war on terror It's definitely had a huge impact in my life. You know one of the reasons why we're here today balking or because the PDF e because of deployment because of being a I've been there done that seeing that You know and at the end of the day If not that we're fighting. The religion of Muslims is that we're fighting the extremist of the Muslim religion. So and that's one thing I try to portray the people that are closed minded and don't come out and all like all you know the Muslims you know God forbid the Muslims and it's like no. That's that's not how you need to think of that. It's not the Muslim religion is not everybody back but Muslim has died. It's the extremists. Were fighting against that lead and info control and everybody needs to be Muslim. And if you're not boggling than your infidel and if you're an infidel then you need to be killed after people that we're fighting every one out there and then the the last one is. What is the biggest issue or problem or concerned that the church capital c? For All organized really all organized Christian Church if you will. Your faith was the biggest problem that we face. Today I think the biggest problem that we face today in the church are man-made boom to be honest with the Bible Bible lays it out or you specifically.

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