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An apparent murder deputies called you a home in Morrison yesterday afternoon when deputies entered into the house, they found a an adult female that appear to have been shot, and she was quickly declared deceased at the scene. Mark tech Meyer with the sheriff's office says they arrested sixty four year old Gerald cross on suspicion of homicide crosses the person who called police and also is the owner of the home where the woman's body was found the woman's identity has not yet been released. They're still looking in Rocky Mountain national park for a tourist missing since Thursday. Ryan. Albert's from New Jersey and had gone hiking in the longs peak area. His rental car was found at a trail. Head wintry conditions in the park have forced the closure of trail ridge road as well. L Dora got its first splash of winter overnight and into today officials sent out pictures of the mountain twenty one miles west of boulder with a dusting of snow. Florida's governor is warning people to steal themselves as hurricane Michael bears down on the panhandle Michaels currently a category. One hurricane and expected to grow more powerful in the next forty eight hours, Florida governor Rick Scott says hurricane Michael could be a major storm by the time it hits the panhandle Wednesday night. Hurricane Michael is a massive storm that could bring total devastation to parts of our state, especially in the panhandle. Michael is expected to be a category three store when it makes landfall with more than a foot of rain in some places at a storm surge as high as twelve feet also in its path Georgia and the Carolinas still reeling from floods left behind by hurricane Florence just last month. Pete combs. ABC news near Panama City, Florida. Our next update at seven thirty David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM.

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