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Match on Sunday Night football the 9 and three Green Day packers are hosting the four and 8 Chicago Bears I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day As Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business lash And I'm Julia Sally in Sydney We check the markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg daybreak Asia We are seeing Asian stokes rise to start the trading week alongside U.S. futures the Niko two two 5 up 9 tenths of 1% in Tokyo Australia's a 6 200 is up four tenths of 1% in Sydney and the Cosby high by half of 1% in Seoul a little bit of weakness though in New Zealand market It is a busy busy week for central banks the fed about one of 20 Central Bank meetings this week We know drone pal is expected to kick off tapering and that contrasts with the likes of the BOJ which is expected to remain even more dovish The quarterly BOJ tungan survey meanwhile showing confidence among Japan's large manufacturers remained at the highest level since 2018 this adding to science at the country's recovery was back on track before the omicron COVID variant heightened uncertainty The level of 18 was just a little below forecast of a slight gain to a reading of 19 We've seen oil extend gains after its biggest weekly advance in more than three months this on hopes that omicron won't be as bad as initially feared and also these predictions that China will start adding fiscal stimulus in early 2022 WTI trading at $72 52 iron ore futures in Singapore up by over 2% in the U.S. ten year yield at 1.49% Let's get over to the Bloomberg newsroom now for a check on global news and head over to Denise Pellegrini Denise All right thank you Julia.

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