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This is Daniel Fidel in you're listening to our Saturday futures series. This twelve part series is about artificial intelligence. In, this episode nine in this series, we've talked about near-term governance considerations for AI and also long-term. What's IT GONNA take it both a national and international level to sort of forge a future with it's very powerful technology in the decades ahead that hopefully be an aggregate good one, not one that instigates more economic disparity or war or other negative consequences that we'd like to avoid, and there are few people who've done more futures thinking and thinking about policy the future of governments future of enterprises I ended mapping those futures out then Jerome Glenn who is the founder of the Millennium Project to for a quarter of a century has been running the. Millennium Project, and essentially doing just that working with governments working with large organizations from the Red Cross to the government of Korea to sort of map out what the future looks like under different circumstances into poll together varied stakeholders often internationally to think about how we can get along what kind of future we want to craft and what's going to be a forged win win scenario for that future. Maybe we can do to prepare for it We speak with Jerome this week about what that would look for artificial general intelligence towards the latter part of this twelve part series, and we're on episode nine. So this is the back half for sure. We're GONNA be talking more and more about the long term consequences of strong ai when this technology becomes very powerful. The big question in today's episode is will, what does it mean to prepare for that? Who needs to be at the table in order to make sure that that's a peaceful transition? What kind of questions do we need to ask in order to ensure that we're sort of buffering against risks in so much as we can actually do that and jerome with his experience and exactly the space sort of breaks that down in depth I'd love to get your thoughts on this episode in this series in general, you can go to e.. N. E..

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