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Jesus than my Carmen are dropping knowledge, like this man. Joe's has decided to hang it up for tiring from the National Football League after twelve years filled with so many twists and turns that it's hard to keep straight pacman Jones may be the most notorious football player of the past fifteen years. You think about those sports stories that we have just sunk, our teeth into just the past eight nine years, there's hundreds of them, but you go back to most of the office when I was first up in radio and the biggest stories of the time sports in the odds, like from from two thousand all the way through two thousand and ten we spent so much time on on. Breakf- Arve, pacman Jones and the NFL's intent to discipline players who run afoul of the law, because that was Roger Goodell, I became powerful the NFL it was hand. It was the late Chris Henry was Willie. Williams. It was all these players that Cadel wanted to discipline, whatever it is you're gonna wind up v someone who sits out from the leak 'cause Paul Tagliabue's never did. No. Had to go over the top to do it. And pacman Jones was the poster boy for that because he was always in trouble. Absolutely. And you get a poll year suspension for that didn't play two years later. You've got a twelve year career with a lot of starts and stops a testament to what get Dallas policy was any becomes one of the first guys on the medal stand of pride. Here's the new world. Order in the NFL is your testing ground. Roger Goodell came down with the big hammer on him. I don't know like Roger Goodell now would would pacman have gotten as many shot to get the rest of what Jason Smith. And Mike Harmon said podcast by searching, the Jason Smith show with Mike Harmon Jason Smith show with Mike Harmon, weeknights at ten eastern seven Pacific, right.

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