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The service opened with a rendition of the, navy him followed by an emotional tribute from McCain's daughter Megan we gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness The real thing not cheap rhetoric from men who never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly former presidents Barack Obama and, George W, Bush. Are among those also paying tribute McCain will be laid. To rest tomorrow in a, private ceremony at the US naval. Academy in Annapolis. Windsor Johnston NPR news Washington the UN has a new High. Commissioner for, human rights the former president of Chile Michelle Bachelet takes the. Helm today the BBC's Candice Piet reports bachelorette has personal experience with, some of the. Issues Michelle botulism not expected to shy away from confronting hard issues. Trained pediatrician she's the daughter of a general who opposed military rule under Augusta Pena chain. Seventy s she into mother were detained tortured and interrogated for several weeks she brings with her the. Resilience, of having served in high office and the personal experience Of having been a victim herself the BBC's Candice Piet lawmakers. In California are sending news sending new net neutrality rules to governor Jerry Brown's desk for signature after they passed a Bill yesterday to prevent internet service providers from favoring certain websites over others NPR's James Dubec reports, advocates say, they're. The strongest net neutrality protections in the country Democrats Scott. Weiner who co wrote the, Bill said net neutrality is important. For activists and. Small businesses this is about a level playing field an internet. Where we, as individuals decide where we go on the internet the measure. Stops internet providers like Comcast and AT and t. from blocking slowing, down or speeding. Up access to certain websites but the industry called the Bill heavy-handed. Sing the internet needs one national policy instead of state-by-state approaches California Democrats portrayed the legislation As a rebuke of President Trump earlier this year the FCC repealed net neutrality rules imposed under the. Obama administration California's governor hasn't said if you'll sign the Bill. James Dubec NPR news this is NPR and this is WNYC in New York I'm David I an upstate immigrant dairy farm worker picked up for driving without a license is now facing deportation WNYC's Cindy Rodriguez reports the. Cases galvanizing calls forgiving undocumented immigrants the right to drive legally Jennifer Guzman professor of. Anthropology, at SUNY Genesee oh has been studying how a. Lack of transportation affects farm access to healthcare. And other services he's aware of the fact that there are, times when, he needs to take his family places, and he risks exactly this type of scenario happening, when he go out until he was arrested Guzman had worked with the. Man to get New York to adopt, a. Bill that would, change what's required to get a license. It hasn't made it past Transportation committee, so. She wants the governor to sign an executive order instead congressional midterm campaigning. Is, expected to step. Into high gear after, Labor Day but, WNYC's Nancy Solomon reports in New Jersey's eleventh district the democratic candidate, is. Already, getting a lot of attention on a rainy getaway day when many people are focused on? The holiday weekend Mikey Cheryl arrived at the Parsippany New Jersey library to a packed room it was a fairly standard campaign event Cheryl was there for a lunchtime conversation about innovation and technology. With an astronaut who've grown up in Parsippany but the enthusiasm that greeted her introduction showed this is no standard campaign in what. Has long been Republican territory Cheryl a former navy pilot and mama, four is being watched around the country as a key race where Democrats can flip a Republican seat in congress Seventy one degrees right now in. Central park it's going to be mostly cloudy today you're heading. Up to a high, around eighty degrees this afternoon, with a slight chance, for showers tonight mostly cloudy with a low around sixty eight tomorrow slightly warmer high of eighty three mostly cloudy skies once, again six minutes after, eleven this is WNYC support for NPR comes from Subaru featuring the. Outback with standard symmetrical all wheel drive and. Standard Subaru Starlink multimedia with apple carplay an Android auto integration keeps drivers connected more at Subaru dot com there.

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